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A cheque for €10,000 for ARSLA

On 21 June, we presented a cheque for €10,000 to ARSLA, the Association for Research into Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or ALS.
June 21 was also International ALS Day, better known as Charcot's disease.
It was an opportunity for us to mark the beginning of a strong and lasting commitment to the association.

This is just the beginning...

This cheque presentation is above all a story of values, carried by Aurore Goxe and Edouard Ducray since the beginning of their collaboration, driven by the desire to undertake, of course, but also to make two sometimes antinomic worlds cohabit: the associative world and that of the company.

"When we started our entrepreneurial adventure, we wanted to develop a company based on the values we hold dear, such as performance, innovation and sharing. based on values that are dear to us, such as performance, innovation but also sharing and solidarity. and solidarity. It was therefore natural that we decided to support associations and to It is therefore natural that we decided to support associations and to give them a voice by contributing to their visibility through concrete actions.

Aurore GOXE and Edouard DUCRAY

For Adrenalead, the commitment to associations is ultimately a culmination and a way of highlighting the common values shared by all our employees.

So why ALSRA? This time, it is a more personal story: the story of life, of loved ones affected by ALS.

This cheque is only the beginning of a partnership that we hope will last for a long time: the idea is to allow ARSLA to benefit from part of our advertising network of 33 million Internet users who subscribe to Web Push Notifications, to enable them to relay their next campaign planned for the end of 2022.

With a common goal: to raise awareness of ALS, to raise funds for research, to improve the comfort of patients and their families.

"Adrenalead's support is extremely valuable for ARSLA. If the association is able to carry out its two social missions of financing research and helping patients, it is only thanks to the donations and generosity of those who support it. The commitment of Adrenalead's employees is a real encouragement and a great proof of mobilisation. Aurore and Edouard's desire to involve their clients and partners will help raise awareness of Charcot's disease among the greatest number of people, and this is essential, because it is together that we will advance research!

Bettina RAMELET, Director of Resource Development ARSLA

You too can join the fight against ALS:

Adrenalead X ARSLA

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