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Remarketing by Web Push Notification | The New Eldorado of Web Marketers ?

Remarketing by web push notification
E-tailers and e-retailers, you know it: almost 99% of Internet users leave your site without leaving any contact. It is therefore difficult to communicate with these visitors and to send them the right message at the right time. With Web Push Notification remarketing, it is possible to retarget and convert up to three times more of these visitors!

How to have a good remarketing strategy?


The success of a good remarketing campaign depends on a good strategy! Are you sure yours is well optimized? 

  • Are you in control of your marketing pressure?
  • Can you reach your entire audience?
  • Do you know where your message is being broadcast?
  • Do you control your brand safety?
  • Do you really know who you're spreading your message to?
  • Aren't you suffering from advertising fraud?

Indeed, although you manage to expand your audience and achieve conversions, in most cases, a few shadows remain... We have just seen that, very often, remarketing methods offer very little control to advertisers. Worse still, they can harm your brand and deteriorate your brand safety.

Why don't you try out Web Push Notification remarketing? 

Discover Web Push Notification solutions for e-commerce

Web Push Notification

The WPN - Kesako?


Totally unconnected to web browsing and free from any broadcasting medium, the notification is sent by the browser and appears directly on the screen of your audience! Thus, the subscriber does not need to be surfing the web to be notified and only needs to be connected to the internet (WIFI, 4G, ...). Moreover, the notification is ephemeral and disappears after a few seconds making it a very non-intrusive format that subscribers appreciate.

Problems fixed by Web Push Notification remarketing

  • The advertiser has full control over its marketing pressure
  • No advertising fraud is possible because it is a direct link between the Internet user and your brand.
  • Advertising is displayed directly on the screen (100% Brand Safety)
  • The format is minimally intrusive thanks to theprior and explicit collection of consent 
  • It is possible to communicate with the 36% of French people using an Adblocker

Adrenalead launches its Web Push Notification audience remarketing offer

How does it work?


Adrenalead has developed a unique technology in Europe allowing you to reach visitors you don't know yet. And this thanks to our Web Push Notifications advertising network.

  1. An Internet user visits your site
  2. We recognize it because it is part of our subscriber base for the Web Push Notification advertising network.
  3. We send a web push notification presenting your offer
  4. Each click of a user on the notification redirects him to your site (url of your choice)
  5. BONUS: You can also take advantage of qualified audience segments (e.g. clickers from your campaign, visitors to your site who subscribe to our network). 

remarketing by web push notification adrenalead

All this makes Web Push Notification an innovative and effective new digital format to communicate with your website visitors and capitalize on your web audience. Innovative yes, but what about the performance of the format?

Why don't we discuss this for your year-end strategy?


The new Eldorado for brands in search of performance and ROI!


Adrenalead combines the best of both worlds: a technology for collecting and sending Web Push Notification and exclusive audience extension offers. The entire range of solutions allows you to capitalise on an innovative and effective strategy based on the Web and Mobile Notification format.

By activating our Web Push Notification customer activation solutions, e-commerce and e-Retail sites see an average increase in reach of 200% ! In other words, this means that they are able to bring back three times as many users who have visited their site than with traditional remarketing methods. 

That's three times more likely to convert a qualified lead, while being sure to preserve your brand image and GDPR compliance!
In addition, retargeting with Web Push Notification has a click-through rate (CTR) of more than 4% with a conversion rate of over 10%!

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