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What is a Web Push Notification?

Web Push Notification, also commonly known as web notification, is a window that allows you to display a message made of a text, an image and a logo. This notification is clickable and allows the Internet user to be redirected to a specific link, configured when the campaign was created.

How does a Web Push Notification work?

Web Push Notification is a window triggered by the browser, sent to the user by the operating system of its mobile device or computer. It works with the most commonly used browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari) and on the Android operating system. In practical terms, the browser sends a signal to the operating system allowing it to display the web notification on the user’s screen, independently of the user’s web browsing.

How to enable and disable Web Push Notifications linked to a site?

Web Push Notifications can be easily enabled or disabled by the user, via the web or mobile web browser itself, for a given site (domain name). As opposed to emailing, the user does not need to submit a request to be unsubscribed. He can manage its subscriptions and unsubscriptions directly from the browser settings management screen.

How to integrate Web Push Notifications while ensuring GDPR compliance?

No problem! Web Push Notifications are “GDPR Ready”. Indeed, this is a type of format that complies with the European General Data Protection Regulation that came into force on May 25, 2018, because it requires the Internet user’s prior consent to be triggered by the browser. So, it became the first opt-in display format.

Why choose Web Push Notifications for your website?

This innovative advertising format enables an advertiser to send a message to all their opt-in subscribers, including those who have left their website.

This communication channel offers multiple advantages for turning clients into subscribers, for building loyalty, as well as for attracting new audiences.

Web Push Notification is a direct, customizable, anti-fraud, 100% GDPR compliant and powerful format. However, there are other benefits as well:

  • Easy to install – installation takes just a few minutes, by embedding a script on your site.
  • Real-time information – the user receives Web Push Notifications when logged in and is on his/her browser. The marketing reach is much more powerful than with a traditional e-mailing or SMS campaign.
  • Customization – Web Push Notifications are fully customizable (title, text, image, Call to Action) depending on the user.
  • Increased sign-up rate – registration takes only one click, requiring no personal data. Web Push Notifications therefore have a higher registration rate than e-mailing or SMS with an average of 15% opt-in rate.
  • Functions and campaigns – as with the more traditional communication channels, it is possible to create scheduled or automated campaigns (reminders, welcomes, alerts, and more).

Are Web Push Notifications intrusive?

The intrinsic qualities of this format, together with our team’s marketing and technological know-how, protect the Internet user against any impression of intrusiveness.

Having given their explicit prior consent to receive Web Push Notifications, the user is less likely to feel harassed by our ads.

Furthermore, our Notifadz software inherently includes a module for managing marketing pressure per Internet user, to avoid overexposing your brand.

Our granular targeting solutions, such as retargeting, audience remarketing, and predictive targeting, all allow us to minimize any risk of user annoyance.

Finally, continuously optimizing the user experience for each individual is one of our top priorities.

Given the effectiveness of the format, the marketing pressure for generating a click is significantly lower than that of the current banner ads. The average click-through rate with Web Push Notifications is 5%, compared to 0.08% for displays.

Unsubscribing is entirely left up to the Internet user. However, unsubscription rates for Web Push Notifications remain extremely low at 0.38% on average.

How to build my first available audience using Web Push Notifications?

Notifadz is the first Web Push Notification client activation platform, launched by Adrenalead. It enables you to build your audience AND to launch campaigns to attract new users who don’t know you yet!

How to get started with Notifadz?

It’s very straightforward! Simply create and activate your account by clicking here

Select “I am an advertiser”, then complete the registration form for our platform.

Make sure you enter a valid email. It will be used to email you an activation link for your account.

If you encounter any difficulties, we are at your disposal by email or chatbot to assist you.

What solutions does Adrenalead offer?

The strength of our offer lies in the opportunity to develop an ultra-qualified target audience, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the Internet user necessarily consulting a website!

Depending on your needs, explore the available solutions:

  • I would like to diffuse my offer to a network of Web Push Notification subscribers, who may or may not have browsed my website. Thanks to our extensive network of partner publishers, we have a qualified audience of over 50 million Web Push Notification subscribers.
  • I would like to activate the collection of Web Push Notification subscribers on my website. Learn more about our audience retargeting offer to reach your prospects. By activating our script, you can build your subscriber base and communicate with them when you want to, to make them come back to your site when you think it is the appropriate time.