A new lever to monetize your audience

You want to be able to continue to offer quality content while keeping your monetization revenue … and that’s normal! Adrenalead has launched an audience monetization format that opens up new perspectives for generating additional revenue; what’s more, it’s GDPR Compliant and Anti-Adblock!

Monetize your audience in a non-intrusive way

The format of the Web Push Notification

Web Push Notification is an innovative communication format for brands. You have already been confronted with a notification… These are the famous inserts that appear directly on your screen when you receive a message from an application for example. 

You should know that this format also exists in a version outside the application. This is a web push notification, also called web notification. This is displayed directly by the operating system (Windows, Android, etc.) on your terminal and does not require a distribution medium such as a website . The only prerequisite is to obtain the user’s consent before sending web notifications. This makes it the first opt-in display format to comply with the GDPR.

The advantages of this solution

This advertising format – accepted on average by 15 out of 100 Internet users – offers a much higher click-through rate than most other advertising formats. While we observe a click-through rate (CTR) of about 0.08% on average for display, it is 5% on average for Web Push Notification!

Beyond these performances, the web push notification does not spoil the user’s experience during the browsing your website. Indeed, being sent by the browser, it is directly displayed on the screen of your audience and is not correlated to the navigation of the latter. Another considerable advantage is that the web push notification does not get adblocked. It is therefore also possible to target the visitors who use an ad blocker (36% of internet users who use an ad blocker in France).

Adrenalead, 1st advertising agency of Web Push Notification connected in programmatic mode 

Web Push & Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a process of buying and selling digital advertising space automatically. Adrenalead is the first and only Web Push Notification player to monetise its audience using programmatic advertising! Thanks to this you, publishers, can take advantage of it to monetize your audience by maximizing your revenues.

In order to enjoy a greater variety of targeted brand ads to relay to your web push subscribers, the process is very simple… Just activate programmatic monetisation with us!

To do this, there are two conditions: 

  1. Become an Adrenalead partner by joining our network of publishers to monetize your web push notifications subscriber base.
  2. Activate on your website a system for collecting the consent of your Internet users to the processing of their data and, in particular, their choice to receive targeted advertising. 

What is a CMP and who does it serve?

It is a platform that is called Consent Management Platform or via its acronym CMP. It is displayed on arrival at your site – usually as a banner or popup – replacing the cookie management banner.

It is used to collect the consent of the Internet user as to the processing of his personal data on the one hand, and his authorization in order to offer him targeted advertising according to his navigation and interests on the other hand.

In order to help digital advertising stakeholders (publishers, technology providers and brands) comply with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive by implementing a uniform consent collection, the IAB Europe (Interactive Advertising Bureau) has established a standard in 2018 and updated on 1 May 2020, named TCF 2.0 (for Transparency and Consent Framework).

The role of the IAB – Interactive Advertising Bureau

The IAB’ s mission is to represent the various players in the digital advertising industry to its ecosystem. In particular, by supporting the development of a virtuous digital advertising industry that generates value for all these players. The association relies on its expertise in the sector’s issues, in conjunction with its members, and on an international network.

Adrenalead, Partner of IAB France and IAB Europe 

Adrenalead is part of this desire for transparency and respect for a constantly evolving sector by becoming a member of the IAB Europe’s TCF and by combining an innovative choice-first advertising format – with the prior and explicit consent of the Internet user.

By joining the IAB Europe Vendor List, Adrenalead becomes an integrated partner of the CMPs listed by the association. It allows publishers in its network, who have opted for a CMP that complies with the association’s standards, to monetise their audience of web push notification subscribers via programmatic advertising by offering targeted advertising to all internet users who have accepted these terms during their browsing.

Status approved by IAB Europe

Publishers, join our network of partners and monetize your audience too!

A few figures: 

  • Adrenalead already works with more than 200 partners
  • That’s more than 700 million Web Push Notifications sent per month.
  • Access to the top 500 Advertisers on the market
  • Adrenalead already monetises its partners’ audience in more than 30 countries around the world.

Our publisher partners share their feedback

Beach.tv :

“In general, we try about twenty advertising agencies per year. These advertising agencies do not stay more than a few days on our site, unlike Adrenalead with whom our collaboration started 7 months ago.
What I can say about them is that since the beginning our integration has been very simple. The team is friendly, attentive to our needs and the tools they offer us allow us to monitor our statistics and income on a daily basis.”
 Alicia – Monetization Manager

Watch the video testimonial here!

Green People:

“I encourage you all to at least test the Notifadz solution; I myself have done this test period and I was immediately convinced by its efficiency and the quality of the service.” Alexandre, Manager of the peuple-vert.fr

Watch the video testimonial here!

Do you want to generate new revenue without adding additional advertising space on your site?

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