Impact by Adrenalead CSR Policy

Why a CSR impact program?

The beginning of the Adrenalead adventure is obviously an innovative project and a desire to undertake.

But, it is also above all a story of common values, shared by Aurore Goxe and Edouard Ducray since the beginning of their collaboration, animated by the desire to make entrepreneurship, solidarity, respect and benevolence work together. 

This is where the program was born in 2022 Impact By Adrenalead.

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Visual representation of Adrenalead's impact through corporate social responsibility

The #PushTeam is committed to solidarity actions

Icon symbolizing solidarity within corporate social responsibility.


Icon representing commitment in corporate social responsibility.



In 2022, Adrenalead supports ARSLA

  • Donation of €10,000 to the ARSLA association to raise awareness of ALS, advance research and improve comfort for sufferers and their families.
  • Provision of our SaaS platform to ARSLA and implementation of a Web Push Notification campaign on our base free of charge.
Adrenalead team presenting a donation check to ARSLA for ALS awareness and support.
Logo of ARSLA, an organization focused on ALS research and support.
Adrenalead supports L'Enfant Bleu Lyon with financial donation and awareness efforts
Label indicating Adrenalead as an engaged partner with L'Enfant Bleu Lyon

In 2023, Adrenalead supports L’Enfant Bleu Lyon

  • Donation of €10,000 to the L’Enfant Bleu Lyon association to help teams in their efforts to protect children from abuse (psychological and legal support, prevention).
  • Spotlight on the association at the Course des Héros: part of the #PushTeam ran in the colors of L’Enfant Bleu Lyon.

Our other actions

  • Deployment of a Web Push program with our partner publishers.
  • First-aid training for employees.

When we embarked on our entrepreneurial adventure, we were determined to develop a company based on values we hold dear, such as performance and innovation, but also sharing and solidarity. So it was natural for us to decide to support associations and give them a voice by helping to raise their profile through concrete actions.

Aurore GOXE and Edouard DUCRAY

The #PushTeam is committed to social policy

Icon representing transparent human resources policies.

Transparent Human Resources Policy

Icon symbolizing the well-being of employees.

Employee well-being

Photo depicting social engagement activities as part of Adrenalead's RSE initiatives.

All this adventure and all these commitments would be nothing without a great #PushTeam. So we pamper our employees! With two major objectives: well-being at work and professional fulfillment. 

  • We promote cultural diversity, gender equality and access to employment for people with disabilities (and make our employees aware of the concept of disability).
  • Notice to young people looking for an internship or work-study program: you are welcome to join us!
  • We want our employees to find a work/life balance: each employee has one day of remote working per week.
  • Tembuildings are organized: two seminars per year.
  • Our Office Manager works to make the work environment as fulfilling and caring as possible.
Image showcasing Adrenalead's environmental initiatives and green policies.

The #PushTeam is committed to the environment

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Icon for waste management and selective sorting initiatives.

Waste and selective sorting

Icon representing efficient resource and expenditure management.

Control of resources and expenses

CSR impact refoorest

As the digital sector is responsible for 4% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, we take action every day to reduce the environmental impact of our business.

With us, there is no small gesture, everyone can act at their own level!

  • Provision of our SaaS platform to Refoorest🌲for free. Refoorest is a free solution to plant trees without changing the search engine.
  • Internal reminder of the sorting instructions and availability of selective sorting garbage cans.
  • Provision of goodies and consumables promoting zero waste (water bottles, coffee bean machine…).
  • Implementation of a work organization aimed at limiting travel (remote working, videoconferences, etc.).
  • Mobility package that promotes soft means of travel: refund of bicycle and scooter mileage.
  • Limiting printing and using recycled paper.
  • Local service providers with a CSR approach are favored.