Digital marketing and customer loyalty activation solution

Activate, Retarget and Engage your audience !

Turn 15% of your web visitors into subscribers to your brand and boost your sales with Web Push Notifications. Adrenalead is the only marketing activation platform that proposes a SaaS solution for sending Web Push Notifications and an advertising network of over 60 million profiles that can be addressed using this format.

Marketing and communication professionals!

A marketing activation and customer retention tool that’s already widely used!

Discover Web Push Notifications, an innovative, impactful lever that fits in perfectly alongside well-known marketing activation tools, such as email marketing. Adrenalead’s Web Push Notifications let you process the entire marketing funnel, from lead generation to post-purchase, including purchase triggering.

Adrenalead: a one-of-a-kind marketing activation platform

Adrenalead, a marketing activation SaaS platform and Web Push Notification-based advertising network, is Europe’s first-ever AdTech player to offer this twin positioning. We intend to meet the three daily issues faced by marketers: develop customer loyalty, retarget prospects and acquire new targets.

marketing activation subscribers

2 Million

new subscribers every month

marketing activation notifications sent

25 Billion

notifications sent per month

marketing activation customers



marketing activation publishers


partner publishers

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Our commitments

Adrenalead is first and foremost an entrepreneurial adventure of course, but it is also a human one. An adventure where the #PushTeam decided to focus its commitment on three pillars: the environment, solidarity action and well-being and fulfillment at work.

These values have inspired our #ImpactByAdrenalead program.

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