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A clickable message sent to the mobile or computer of an Internet user who has given prior consent to receive information via this channel. This message is transmitted directly via the browser. This advertising format enables an advertiser to send a message to all opt-in users including those who have left their website.

This innovative format is a communication channel which comprises a myriad of benefits for capturing and transforming customers and inspiring their loyalty. Direct, tailorable, anti-fraud, 100% GDPR-compliant and optimally-effective. 

Pursuant to the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which took effect on 25 May 2018, Notifadz only sends notifications to Internet users who have given their consent to receive communication via this format, from our network partners.

Notifadz is an advertising platform which connects advertisers wishing to promote their offers and services with web publishers wishing to monetize their audience.

Notifadz sends the right message, at the right time, to the right person using advertising retargeting technology as well as socio-demographic, contextual and predictive targeting technology.

You benefit from a new information channel to ensure your audience stays up to date with your news, your CRM plans and your commercial offers.

Stop paying to retarget visitors to your site by using Web Push Notifications!

You benefit from a new source of audience monetization without having to add a location to your site.  

Your adblocked audience represents around 30% of your traffic. Instantly recover +30% extra revenue with the Web Push Notifications format!

Notifications can be disabled in just a few clicks on a web or mobile browser, but only by the Internet user themselves.

The intrinsic qualities of this format combined with Notifadz’s technical expertise protect the Internet user from any sign of intrusiveness:

  • Double Optin: by giving double prior consent, the Internet user is less likely to feel attacked by our advertising. The Web Push Notification is the only advertising format in the world which requires explicit prior consent.
  • Manage Marketing Pressure : our NDP software natively includes a module for managing marketing pressure by One2One Internet
  • User Targeting : granular targeting (Retargeting/Targeting) = minimizing the annoyance risk.
  • Machine Learning: continuously optimizing each user’s experience.
  • Effectiveness: 15% WPN click rate (vs 0.08% for Display) = 187 times less marketing pressure to generate a click
  • Churn rate : extremely low churn rates (0.38%)

More generally-speaking, we can see that, despite a regular increase in the number of ads published on Internet, advertising format effectiveness and performance, (assessed by click rate), has continued to grow…(1)

Proof that constant increase in marketing pressure does not necessarily impact advertising format performance.

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