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Retargeting: Definitions, best practices and GRPD

Web Push Notification is a very powerful communication channel in terms of customer engagement. It allows you to send a short message to your subscribers from their browser directly on their computer or mobile.

How to activate an effective customer acquisition strategy for e-commerce sites?

Digital advertising is the number one spending medium for advertisers. The French e-commerce market continues to grow strongly and is now worth 92.6 billion euros. The French are increasingly connected and the budget allocated to digital advertising represents more than half of the global budget of brands. Advertisers' acquisition strategies are becoming increasingly sophisticated and are looking to move away from traditional formats to increase customer engagement on their sites.

Audience monetization: How to monetize the audience of a website?

Advertising investments in the post-Covid era are expected to be even higher than in previous years. This is good news for those who want to monetise the audience of their websites or blogs and increase their monthly revenues. But with the updates announced by Google and the rise of Adblockers, content publishers must regularly adapt their strategy to make their websites profitable and adopt new online monetisation levers.

10 reasons to enable web push notifications on your ecommerce site
10 reasons to enable web push notification on your ecommerce site

Web Push Notifications are considered a powerful tool for delivering personalised messages to customers in the e-commerce sector. This method helps businesses to grow and increase conversions on their website. Indeed, it has properties that you won't find anywhere else and more and more e-tailers are using this solution!
In this article, you will discover 10 reasons to activate Web Push Notification on your eCommerce site.

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