Adrenalead raises €1 million from SIDE Capital

According to the startup, Web Push Notification is a virtuous way to realign the interests of advertisers, media and Internet users. Adrenalead thus offers the first 100% “GDPR Compliant” display advertising lever with an audience of 3+ million subscribers already accessible in real time. The fundraising has just been completed with SIDE Capital, an early-stage investment fund for tech and digital start-ups, with the support of Bpifrance. Adrenalead now intends to accelerate the development of its network and extend its reach across Europe.

A market that needs to reinvent itself.

The digital advertising market has become the world’s leading spending medium and brand communication is increasingly driven by the “all-programming” approach. If the advent of this model of audience targeting and buying in the form of auctions for brands has strongly contributed to the maturity of the online advertising market, it has however generated numerous collateral damages; the most well-known being the deterioration of brand image, the opacity of the players, marketing pressure that is sometimes poorly controlled, the increase in advertising fraud and the growing adoption of adblockers by Internet users.

A “Choice-First” advertising format.

Guided by new consumer expectations and the strengthening of regulations concerning the protection of personal data (GDPR in Europe, California Consumer Privacy Act), Adrenalead offers a more transparent and respectful advertising alternative for Internet users by commercialising the 1st display advertising format with the prior and explicit consent of the Internet user.

An advertising solution, in an innovative format, offering new standards that align the interests of Internet users, advertisers and media.

Founded in 2018, Adrenalead’s ambition is to offer new alternatives for winning and retaining customers for e-commerce in a digital advertising market in constant (r)evolution.

Adrenalead’s marketing platform combines a real-time audience with proprietary technology, enabling e-merchants and retailers to design and deliver web notification campaigns to their customers on their computers or mobile devices.

“Beyond allowing brands to regain control of their audience, the platform offers a complete suite of audience extension solutions. Any brand can now reach profiles similar to its look-alike audience in real time,” explains Edouard Ducray, one of the co-founders of Adrenalead.

With their complementary backgrounds and expertise, the co-founders have already gathered a community of partner publishers around them on a network management model that allows them to reach a diversified and quality audience.

Adrenalead, a solidarity start-up in the fight against COVID-19.

The Adrenalead team is naturally committed to bringing the voice of the Public Health Associations and Foundations fighting against COVID-19. In order to enable them to disseminate their information campaigns and appeals for donations, Adrenalead is allocating an inventory of 100 Million web push notifications from today until the end of April free of charge.

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