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Adrenalead joins the "French Alternative" mapping

The Adrenalead team is pleased to join the first mapping of AdTechs 100% Made in France by AntVoice: La French Alternative!

AntVoice Mapping

AntVoice's CEO, Alban Peltier, has produced the first mapping of "Made in France" AdTechs, which includes more than 80 companies divided into 11 categories:

  • media agencies
  • external agencies
  • search
  • mobile
  • display specialists
  • general displays
  • web to store
  • retail media
  • mail/push
  • affiliation
  • comparator

"With this mapping, an advertiser can see at a glance the options available to him for making video ads or drive-to-store made in France."

Adrenalead joins the network in the "Mail/Push" category alongside WebRivage and CarData!

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