Adrenalead blows out its 3rd candle

Adrenalead blows out its 3rd candle
It all started in 2018. Aurore Goxe and Edouard Ducray saw in Web Push Notification an innovative and efficient communication format. Free from the problems of online advertising - growing ad fraud, poorly controlled marketing pressure, increasing adoption of ad blockers, brand-safety issues... This format had every chance of being successful. It is from this idea that Adrenalead was born, on March 22, 2018. After the development of NotifAdz, the advertising network dedicated to the web push notifications format, the company extends its offer by proposing its SaaS platform to e-retailers. It allows them to transform their visitors into qualified leads - by building a base of web push subscribers that they can address in real time, even when they are not on a website. Today, with a double-digit growth, Adrenalead aims to expand internationally and to activate new offers to support its media partners and e-commerce brands even further.

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From an advertising network to a Saas software offer with audience extension

The company quickly realized the synergy between an advertising network and the proprietary technology it had developed, and decided to make its technological platform available to brands that wanted to use a new advertising lever and capitalize on their on-site audience to turn visitors into subscribers to their brand.

The web push customer activation platform for eCommerce and Retail was launched!


A unique offer on the market and a cookie-less format 

Today, Adrenalead is the only offer on the market that provides both a technological platform in SaaS mode and an audience extension solution, with a network of over 8 million web push subscribers accessible in real time and on-screen.

The time for third-party cookies is numbered. And players are looking to find alternatives that respect Internet users while maintaining solid performance indicators. Thus, the web push notification format is emerging as a new customer engagement channel to activate in a brand's digital strategy.

Web Push Notification is in essence not cookie-based. It is a cookieless format.

Indeed, when the Internet user agrees to receive notifications from a site, this generates a transaction between 3 parties: The domain name on which the Internet user has agreed to receive notifications, the browser and the operating system of the Internet user which results in the creation on the part of the browser of a unique identifier named Endpoint.

This provides the brand with a qualified subscriber base that can be communicated with to engage and convert them into customers - without waiting for a return to site with banner retargeting.

A strong added value that has allowed us to attract great customer references such as Bergère de France, Kaporal, Ici Formation, Interflora, l'Exception, Mon Corner Beauté, Decitre...


2021 - Innovation and international development

Adrenalead continues its strategy of supporting e-tailers and publishers in the development of their digital strategies.

On the e-Commerce side, this involves the provision of a platform with new features such as : 

  • API connection to the e-merchant's DMP / CRM database to combine a powerful format with first-party data targeting
  • Activation of marketing automation solutions via web push notifications to complement the scenarios already implemented implemented by brands on other levers such as email marketing

On the publishers' side, Adrenalead activates new advertising formats connected to programmatic. These new formats take into account product carousels, video, GIFs... This allows brands to develop their possibilities to communicate with their audience.

Adrenalead is also opening up to new markets thanks to the activation of European deals and the implementation of a commercial strategy aimed at countries such asSpain, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Adrenalead is also the winner of the Scale Up Excellence of the French Tech! This nomination is the reward of an important work and an exceptional development!

A year that promises to be dynamic!

You want to be part of the adventure or learn more? Please contact us!

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