Adrenalead – N°1 advertising network in monetization via Web Push Notifications

Publishers and media: engage and monetize your audience thanks to our advertising network

Adrenalead is the only platform enabling publishers to engage and monetize their audience via Web Push Notifications. Build your base of Web Push Notification subscribers, connect with your subscribers and immediately generate new web and mobile revenues through our dedicated advertising network. All this without having to allocate any additional space on your website! This is the only format that enables you to earn money without users needing to be on your site.

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1,500+ Media partners trust us

A powerful monetization lever to supplement display advertising

How does our advertising network for publishers work? 

A Web Push Notification is a clickable message coming from the web or mobile browser, appearing directly on the web user’s monitor or mobile screen. The web user agrees in advance to receive Web Push Notifications when he clicks “ALLOW” on the notifications message. This new “GDPR-ready” format enables web publishers and media to activate a new marketing lever that is non-intrusive and more respectful of web users, who will not be disturbed while browsing your site.

advertising network collect
  1. Collecting subscribers on a partner publisher’s site
advertising network receive

2. Receiving Web Push Notification from the publisher’s domain name

advertising network redirect

3. Redirection to the advertiser’s site

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Web Push Notification – an on-screen monetization format

Capitalize on your audience to communicate on-screen!

Adrenalead can help you increase your site’s monthly revenues by initiating you into new standard practices in marketing. On average, 40% of your audience is no longer being monetized due to the use of adblockers.

Monetize your audience, even the adblocked ones, and offer a marketing format that is brand safety-conscious, fraud-free and maintains an optimal user experience!

The integration of our asynchronous script takes only 10 minutes, with a one-click integration test. You can also try our WordPress plugin for even faster integration!

Access to market programmatic offers

The first open web-connected advertising network

Adrenalead’s advertising network is built on a proprietary technology connected to the market’s leading programmatic platforms. This guarantees you access to the most high-earning general ads on the market.

Are you already working with these platforms to monetize your display spaces? Then you can increase your revenues through your current partners’ advertising, by displaying their ads in the form of Web Push Notifications. No additional space is required on your site.

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Connect with your community

Promote your editorial content and boost sales from your paying content

Through the use of our SaaS platform (free as long as you’re monetizing your audience), it’s simple and easy to plan your editorial content for all or part of your subscriber base. Automate the sending of notifications by synchronizing with your RSS feeds.

The Web Push format offers multiple benefits:

Capitalize on your site audience and encourage return visits

Notify subscribers of new published articles (new service appreciated by internet users) 

Boost the SEO of your website thanks to recurrent traffic from qualified visitors and improve your ranking on Google discover

Activate a source of additional revenues via the monetization of Web Push subscribers managed by Adrenalead

Increase your revenues by generating recurring traffic (increase in the number of Pages With Ads)

Little extras with a big impact

Benefit from increasing revenues each month!

Communicate FREE with your subscribers via Web Push

Synchronize your RSS feed to send automated notifications

 Benefit from our expert guidance in order to maximize performance levels

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