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Read the testimonial of Fanny Vançon, Head of CRM at Weekendesk

“We are very satisfied with the solution: it completely meets our expectations and the first results are very encouraging. Moreover, the Adrenalead team is very responsive and always available to exchange ideas”.

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History of Weekendesk

Weekendesk was created in the early 2000s. It is the French leader in themed weekends and short stays (well-being, gastronomy, unusual, family, etc.). The idea is to offer the Internet user stays less than two hours from home.

Fanny Vançon, Head of CRM, talks about her first experience with the Web Push Notification solution from Adrenalead. 

For which purposes do you use Adrenalead’s Web Push Notification?

Like many companies, we were 100% emailing users. A few months ago, we decided to opt for Web Push Notification to diversify.

The goal was to test a new engagement channel, with the aim to generate more traffic to our site and therefore more sales. 

From a strategic point of view, depending on the agenda, we either push messages similar to those pushed via email, or completely different messages. 

What do you like about the solution?

What we particularly like about the solution is the ease of use of the platform, but also the fact that we can create automated campaigns.

 This enables us to save a lot of time on a daily basis! We don’t have anything to do: once the campaigns are scheduled, they run by themselves.

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In terms of performance, does the proposed solution meet your expectations?

Web Push Notification is part of a global acquisition strategy, including SEA, SEO and email. And the solution is on its way to being ranked among our top 10 best performing acquisition channels, which is positive in just one month! 

In terms of sales, we are also quite satisfied with the first results.

Six months ago, we had started using Web Push Notification with another player in the market; but we decided to stop with them, to turn to Adrenalead for several reasons:

  • The user-friendly platform 
  • Easy to use on a daily basis
  • The quick handling of the campaigns
  • The ability to create recurring campaigns
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One word to sum up the collaboration Weekendesk X Adrenalead?

We are very satisfied with the solution: it fully meets our expectations and the first results are very encouraging. 

Moreover, the Adrenalead team is very responsive and always available to exchange!

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