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How to boost the number of customer reviews on your website?

Do you have an e-commerce or a website that has different offers ? Then you scrutinize customer reviews, those comments that propel your reputation and recommend your products or services. And, you are aware of the impact of these online feedbacks. They are crucial for your business. So how do you get and keep those satisfied customers?
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How to increase the conversion rate of your e-commerce site?

One of the biggest difficulties for e-merchants is to keep Internet users on their site so that they concretize their purchase intention. This results in an increase in the abandoned cart rate, the bounce rate and eventually a decrease in website traffic. To remedy this and increase the number of orders, it is necessary to look at the conversion rate performance. We show you how to do this.
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High Season, Discounts, Private Sales

Web Push Notification is a very powerful communication channel in terms of customer engagement. It allows you to send a short message to your subscribers from their browser directly on their desktop or mobile. Ideal to boost sales during the peak season with private sales and discounts.
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Why activate web push notifications on your e-commerce site?

In the e-commerce sector, web push notifications are considered as a powerful tool to deliver personalized messages to web users. This method helps companies to grow and increase the number of conversions on their website. In this article, you will discover 10 reasons to enable web push notifications in e-commerce.
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Web Push Notification automatiser

6 Web Push Notification campaigns to be automated

Marketing automation is becoming more and more important in digital strategies. It allows to generate additional traffic and sales without wasting time for marketing teams. What is marketing automation? We talk about marketing automation strategy when campaigns are automatically triggered.
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5 raisons de miser sur les Web Push Notification pour les soldes

5 reasons to use Web Push Notifications

With a legal duration of four weeks each, the winter and summer sales periods are an opportunity for all e-retailers to clear their stocks, to make room for the new collection. This period is also synonymous with a higher advertising budget than the rest of the year.
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Remarketing by Web Push Notification

E-retailers, you know it: nearly 98% of Internet users leave your site without providing a contact point. It is then difficult to communicate with these visitors and to push them the right message, at the right time.
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The digital ecosystem and Adblockers?

The digital ecosystem involves three major parties: Website publishers who have a digital medium and an audience, advertisers looking to promote their products and generate sales online, and Internet users looking for more and more regular offers and content.
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Expressions used in web agency

I want you to think ouf of the box okay? I have consulted all possible stakeholders and Antoine is available right now! So now you get your act together to take the lead and optimise your onboarding. At the same time, I'm organising a workshop with the girls, we're preparing a little benchmark on your potentially serious competition and we're going to give you feedback on his last appointment to avoid any risk of cannibalisation. On your side, you have to start from scratch, if you want to be able to put Antoine in your pipe!
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e-Commerce : Les ingrédients clés pour une stratégie digitale efficace !

Key ingredients for an effective digital strategy!

In an increasingly competitive marketing environment, advertisers must redouble their efforts and innovation in their customer acquisition and loyalty strategies. E-commerce sites, pure-players and retailers are constantly looking for new ways to create and federate a committed community around their brand and their products. In the next 5 years, the e-commerce market will grow faster than the offline sales market according to Katar.
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