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10 reasons to enable web push notifications on your ecommerce site
10 reasons to enable web push notification on your ecommerce site

Web Push Notifications are considered a powerful tool for delivering personalised messages to customers in the e-commerce sector. This method helps businesses to grow and increase conversions on their website. Indeed, it has properties that you won't find anywhere else and more and more e-tailers are using this solution!

In this article, you will discover 10 reasons to enable Web Push Notification on your eCommerce site.

Advertising in the post-cookie era - impacts and perspectives
Advertising in the post-cookie era - impacts and perspectives

In France, web actors are obliged to provide users browsing their sites with a tool for providing information and collecting (consenting or refusing) information on the use and purposes of processing their personal browsing data.

Indeed, the CNIL has given all French actors until March 31 to comply with its latest recommendations.

This includes the implementation of a CMP (Consent Management Platform) whose role is to collect the user's choices regarding the use of the various tracers set up on the site and to give the user the clear and obvious possibility of accepting or refusing them.

At present, it is estimated that 30-50% of third-party cookies are rejected, i.e. cookies that are deposited on the site on which the Internet user is browsing and that are operated by third-party companies. Although this seems to pose significant problems for many web actors, it is only the first steps towards a total and complete disappearance of third-party cookies - in 2022. What are the impacts and prospects of such a revolution? Are there any alternatives so far?

Webmarketing Strategy by Web Push Notifications : Performance indicators to follow
Webmarketing Strategy by Web Push Notifications : Performance indicators to follow

Digital is fantastic. It allows you to measure everything! Every action you generate can be tested, measured and improved. For this, many software solutions and especially marketing tracking solutions exist. The best known by far is Google Analytics, which allows you to keep an eye on the actions of Internet users on your website and the performance generated. With a good analyst at your side, it is possible to identify elements that work well and others that block in order to adapt your strategy and maximize your profitability.

Marketing Automation: 6 web push notification campaigns to automate to maximize your conversions.
Marketing Automation: 6 web push notification campaigns to automate to maximize your conversions.

Marketing automation is becoming an increasingly important part of digital strategies. It allows you to generate traffic and additional sales without wasting the time of marketing teams. 

Marketing automation, késako?

We talk about marketing automation strategy when campaigns are triggered automatically. To do this, it is sufficient to create marketing scenarios that will be activated according to more or less complex rules.

When an Internet user meets the criteria previously defined in the scenario, the campaign is triggered. This type of marketing already exists and is already widely used in email marketing campaigns. Still little known, the power of marketing automation is also possible on the format of Web Push Notifications!

To show you the power of this tool, we have prepared a list of 6 automatic Web Push Notifications campaigns. Easy to set up, they will seduce you with their performance.

Focus on the best automated scenarios to implement in its web marketing strategy thanks to web push notifications to boost its e-Commerce conversions.

5 reasons to bet on Web Push Notification for sales
5 reasons to bet on Web Push Notifications for Winter Sales

The winter sales, also known as the January sales, will begin this year on 20 January throughout France.

During this six-week period, all e-tailers and e-retailers have the opportunity to clear their stocks to make room for the new collection. This period is also synonymous with a higher advertising budget than the rest of the year. The acquisition strategies of brands are different from each other but all lead to a common goal: to increase online sales volumes by optimising the advertising and marketing budgets involved.

What if we told you that the Web Push Notification advertising format proposed by Adrenalead offered you a turnkey solution to reach and even surpass your objectives? Discover how to prepare the winter sales in the best conditions with Web Push Notifications!

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