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Fin des cookies tiers - Menace ou opportunité ?

The announced end of third-party cookies

The new recommendations of the CNIL (National Commission on Informatics and Liberty), in force since March 31, 2021, offer a taste of a cookieless world. From now on, it is essential for publishers to find new and effective ways to maintain their revenue levels. A threat or an opportunity with the announced end of third-party cookies?
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A new lever to monetize your audience

All the players in the online advertising industry are looking for the best compromise between the three stakeholders that make up the industry: advertisers, Internet users and you, the publisher. he rules on personal data protection are becoming increasingly strict to protect Internet users, and the collection and use of third-party cookies are being counted; this implies major changes for you and often results in the search for new growth drivers.
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The digital ecosystem and Adblockers?

The digital ecosystem involves three major parties: Website publishers who have a digital medium and an audience, advertisers looking to promote their products and generate sales online, and Internet users looking for more and more regular offers and content.
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