How to generate a positive impact on your SEO with Web Push Notifications?

How to generate a positive impact on your SEO with Web Push Notifications?
We all agree that the natural referencing is a crucial subject for all website owners. The next step is to think about and test how to succeed in attracting natural traffic to your site. Redesigning the site, indexing, creating content...the means to be implemented are numerous but their implementation takes time, resources and therefore often proves to be costly.  What if we had found a solution that would allow you to gradually improve your SEOto create recurrent traffic on your site and all this monetising your audience and in increasing your monthly income? Have you ever heard of Web Push Notifications? Explanations on this new communication channel.

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The Web Push Notification: THE new "RGPD Ready" display format

With Web Push Notification, you no longer need to provide additional advertising space on your site, it is an instant, clickable message that appears directly on the user's screen. It is a 100% opt-in, because Internet users who receive a Web Push Notification have given their consent to be contacted in this way.

Web Push Notification and its SEO friendly side.

The different SEO techniques adopted by content publishers and blogs have a common primary objective: to achieve the highest volume of traffic. It therefore seems natural to work on the generation of relevant and repetitive traffic.

It is for this purpose that Web Push Notification plays an essential role. Thanks to this communication lever, the publisher ensures that its qualified users return regularly to its site. This creates a virtuous circle by facilitating the increase of the site's notoriety, its recommendation and thus by extension the generation of new visitors.

Other important factors are also to be considered in SEO, such as bounce rate, average session length and number of page views.

Web Push Notification benefits from an opt-in rate that can be 20 times higher than emailing. It is therefore easy to assume that the commitment of your audience who have consented to receive information from you in this format is greater than those solicited by emailing.

Web Push Notification: a powerful monetization format

Web Push Notification has a double advantage for publisher sites: a way to generate traffic on its website and a new source of income. It is therefore possible to use the Web Push Notification as a source of income AND of encourage recurring visits from its subscribers by communicating regularly with them.

Once the Web Push Notification solution is installed on a publisher's site to monetize its audience, the site owner can use this solution to alert its readers to the publication of a new article, content, news. 

Web Push Notification is not filtered by Adblockers because the message is sent directly from the browser itself via the system operator of the user's computer or mobile phone. With an eCPM estimated between 15€ and 30€/mile (estimate made over 1 month and 1000 active users), Web Push Notification is positioned as the new advertising format of 2020 for monetize its audience and increase its monthly income.


The advantages of Web Push Notification for a publisher site :

  • the monetization of its website's audience,
  • the creation of an active subscriber base,
  • 100% of the audience can be reached in real time (24/7),
  • no additional space required on its website,
  • an increase in traffic on the website and the reengagement of the Internet user,
  • improved SEO.

If you wish to monetize the audience of your website and increase your monthly revenues, while improving the SEO of your site, we invite you to discover the NotifAdz solution. First audience monetization platform via Web Push Notifications, NotifAdz is very easy to use and to integrate on your site. Designed to facilitate the monetization of content sites and blogs, NotifAdz allows you to monetize your website without taking the place of other advertising spaces. Estimate your monthly revenues from our online simulator.

To find out more about our solution, check out our video.

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