E-commerce calendar 2024: key dates

Every year, we provide you with an e-commerce calendar to guide you in achieving your goals. This offers new opportunities to captivate your audience and gather first-party data (while it’s still possible) 🙃 Let us guide you through our meticulously planned e-commerce calendar for 2024.

The calendar is downloadable in web or print versions. 📌

Download the 2024 e-commerce calendar

E-commerce calendar 2024: complete guide by Adrenalead

In the e-commerce world, anticipation is the key to success. Adrenalead’s 2024 e-commerce calendar not only marks the days but also provides a roadmap to maximize your marketing efforts. It covers events such as Christmas, Black Friday, New Year’s, and more. The goal is to allow you to plan your campaigns in advance, adjust your strategy, and shine during crucial moments of the year.

We’ve developed the e-commerce calendar in three different languages, taking into account each country’s unique characteristics. For example, we’ve included specific national holidays for Mexico and Spain, differing from those celebrated in France. Similarly, we’ve considered events like Super Bowl LVIII, which takes place in the United States.

How to plan: when, how, and why? 

Effectively planning your marketing and communication actions is like preparing the perfect recipe: it requires the right ingredients, impeccable timing, and a dash of creativity.

Timing is everything 😌

Anticipating the highlights of the year is essential. Planning ahead gives you the advantage of creating well-thought-out marketing campaigns, predicting trends, and avoiding last-minute chaos.

Take Black Friday, for example. If you wait until November 😱 to develop your strategy, you risk getting lost in the sea of competing offers. By planning in advance, you can design captivating campaigns, negotiate strategic partnerships, and ensure your brand stands out amid the promotions.

How to direct your campaigns with Web Push Notifications

January to march: new year, new opportunities 👋

The beginning of the year may seem quiet after the holiday festivities, but it’s the ideal time to grab attention. Set up winter sale campaigns, offer special discounts for Valentine’s Day, and re-engage your customers for a fruitful year. Push notifications can be your allies to revive interest after the holiday frenzy.

Preview of the first quarter e-commerce calendar

April to june: spring, easter, and growth 🐣

With the arrival of spring, capitalize on your customers’ renewed energy. Send push notifications highlighting special promotions for Easter, announce spring collections, and encourage impulsive buying with limited-time offers. It’s time to celebrate growth and the optimism that comes with the season.

Preview of the 2nd quarter e-commerce calendar

July to september: brighten your marketing 🌞

Summer may be a quieter period, but not for your online business. Use summer promotions, prepare for summer sales, and start creating buzz for back-to-school. Maintain engagement even under the scorching sun.

Preview of the third quarter e-commerce calendar

October to december: festive season 🥳

The end of the year is undoubtedly the most intense period. Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year’s – every day counts. Structure specific campaigns, offer exclusive promotions, and be ready to meet seasonal demand.

Preview of the fourth quarter e-commerce calendar

By directing your campaigns with Web Push Notifications month by month, you can create a personalized experience for your customers throughout the year. Use the e-commerce calendar strategically, considering seasons, trends, and your audience’s preferences for effective communication and campaigns that leave a lasting impression.

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