Publishers: 10 Frequently Asked Questions on Web Push Notification

Publishers: 10 Frequently Asked Questions on Web Push Notification
In this article, we respond to 10 most frequently asked questions about Web Push Notification and its marketing usefulness for site editors content and bloggers.

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Web Push Notification is an innovative solution to generate recurring traffic on your website. It can also be used as a lever to monetize your monetize your audience to generate additional revenue.


1. What is a Web Push Notification?

Web Push Notification takes the form of a clickable instant message, consisting of up to 140 characters, an image and links. It is displayed directly on the screen of the Internet user (mobile or computer) who has previously agreed to receive information via this channel.

2. How do Web Notifications work?

Web Push Notification is a window triggered by the browser and sent to the Internet user by the operating system of his terminal (mobile or computer). It works on the most commonly used browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari ) and the Android operating system. Concretely, the browser sends a signal to the operating system that will display the web notification on the user's screen and this in a way that is uncorrelated to the user's web browsing.

3. How do I enable and disable Web Push Notifications related to a site?

Web Push Notifications can be very simply activated or deactivated by the Internet user, via the browser itself for a given site (domain name). Unlike emailing, the Internet user does not need to make a request to be unsubscribed, he manages his subscriptions and unsubscriptions directly from his browser.

4. Is the Web Push Notification compliant with the GDMP?

The Web Push Notification is RGPD Ready: it is a format that complies with the European regulation on the protection of personal data that came into force on May 25, 2018 since by its very nature, it requires the prior consent of the Internet user to be triggered by the browser. It thus becomes the first opt-in display format .

5. How to improve the SEO of its site thanks to Web Push Notification?

The Web Push Notification is "SEO Friendly"It allows you to generate relevant and repetitive traffic to your site. Thanks to this communication format, your qualified users return to your site on a regular basis. This promotes the notoriety of your site, thus gradually increasing the generation of new visitors.


6. What about Web Push Notification against AdBlockers?

Web Push Notification allows you to reach all users who have requested to receive web notifications from the accepted domain, including the part of its audience that has installed an AdBlocker. It is estimated that 30% of the French have an AdBlocker but the Web Push Notification will be delivered, as it is the browser itself that initiates the action of sending the notification. Remember that in order to receive Web Notifications from a site, the Internet user has given his prior consent.

7. How to increase your revenues with Web Push Notification?

You can benefit from a new source of revenue by activating Web Push Notification as a new monetization lever of your hearing. And this, without the need for additional advertising space on your site. You also get the share of your audience that has installed an AdBlocker, i.e. 30% additional revenue directly recovered through Web Push Notifications.

8. What benefits can be expected in terms of performance and profitability?

The Web Push Notification has an estimated eCPM of between 15€ and 30€/mile. This estimate was made over 1 month and per 1000 active users on the monetization solution launched by Adrenalead. Not to mention that Web Push Notification benefits from an opt-in rate up to 20 times higher than emailing. Consequently, the growth of your subscriber base allows you to make it a real springboard for get your audience monetization activity off the ground.

9. How to activate this lever without allocating a dedicated resource?

We believe that you have a primary mission: to focus your efforts on what you do best, which is to satisfy your readers by offering them quality content. The Adrenalead team supports content publishers in the development of their audience monetisation through the activation and management of this new advertising format.

We have developed Notifadz, the first Web Push Notifications audience monetization platform. The creation of your editor account is simple and the activation of this new format is done via a simple script to be integrated on your site.

10. How do I estimate my potential income?

We launched a Web Push Notification format monetizationrevenue simulator allowing you to test our different subscriber collection formats and estimate a subscription rate and projected revenues.

To learn more, watch our video presentation.

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