Expressions used in web agency

For all those who are a little lost in the thread of this exchange, we have prepared the web marketer’s glossary so that you can discreetly infiltrate the conversation of your digital colleagues without risking an irrelevance 😉 .

“Think out of the box”

An expression used a little too often by your boss in meetings: “you have to think out of the box”, which simply means that you have to work on new ideas.


Expression that literally means “the stakeholders”, often used in the phrase: “I must consult all stakeholders before making a final decision”; which really means: “I don’t want to get too deep into it, so I’m saving time”.

“Take the lead”

Expression which means “to take the lead” of a project, of a movement. If someone asks you to take the lead on a project, it’s a pretty good sign! Unless you are asked to take the lead on the coffee machine.

“Onboarding client”

Expression which means “to take the customer on board”, i.e. to accompany him on the use of the service or the product that you propose (with the aim of avoiding that he goes elsewhere).

“Organize a workshop”

Expression that means “organize a working group”, basically a meeting! But in English it sounds better and you almost think you’re going to have fun.


Expression which means to make an analysis of the competition, we then speak about benchmarking.

“Giving feedback”

Expression that means “make a return on”, implying: “make a return on project 23B (and quickly!)”.

“There’s a risk of cannibalization”

An expression that means one of your projects might eat the other. Not cool at all.

“Project from scratch”

An expression often used by a project manager at the end of a project, who tells his teams: “we’re going to take the project from scratch”, which means that we’re going to start all over again from the beginning, because clearly, we’ve got it wrong somewhere!

“It’s in the pipe”

Expression that salesmen often prefer to say: i.e. “100K in the pipe”.

Digital marketing jargon is not always easy to understand.

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