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Notifadz, the 1st marketing platform for customer activation via web push notifications for e-commerce and retail

Innovative functionalities to, engage and convert your Internet users.

Multi-device solutions


Use the data collected by our platform to better segment the messages sent to your opt-in Web Push users. (Device, browser and version, country, language, opt-in date, number of visits, openers, clickers, etc.).


Sending Web Pushes is good. Getting the right message to the right people at the right time is better! (First name, birthday, location, gender, etc.)


Easily create and plan your Web Push campaigns. They will start on the right target and on the time slot defined for each of them...


Define relationship programs for each of your audience segments. Customer, prospect and loyalty campaigns, etc. The possibilities are endless.


Take advantage of the location data collected to send highly accurate messages based on the location of your Internet users.

Statistical tools

Easily manage your Web Push Notifications campaigns and analyze their performance from your dashboard. (Sending volume, bounces, openings, clicks, etc.).

Use our advanced features to target and transform prospects who don't know you yet.

Advanced Features

Behavioural Targeting

Target Internet users based on socio-demographic and semantic data.

Predictive Targeting

Target Internet users with an appetite for your offers and services with a strong buying intention.

CRM onboarding

Deploy a multi-channel strategy by connecting Notifadz with your CRM tools.