How to boost the number of customer reviews on your website?

How to boost the number of customer reviews on your website and encourage them to leave a review quickly before they forget and move on to something else? Because you know very well that the attention of an Internet user is fleeting. So, to increase your conversion rate tenfold and optimize the engagement of your customers, collecting positive reviews after purchase is a must. Here is how to do it!

SMS to encourage post-purchase reviews

It’s undeniable, today the majority of your processes are done through your smartphone. It is a powerful lever for your marketing. In fact, according to a recent study86% of the European population owns a cell phone. That’s why sending a short and non-intrusive message is extremely judicious. Here is how to collect reviews by SMS:

  • Send it at the right time shortly after the purchase has been made;
  • Thank the customer for his purchase;
  • Ask him if his experience was positive;
  • To do so, redirect him to a link so that he can leave a personalized comment.

It’s simple and efficient, just like the current lead who is looking for reactivity, but also quality. It is an excellent way to build loyalty with your prospects who become customers and then ambassadors of your brand. Because, afterwards, everything follows on.

The positive reviews posted on your site are being emulated and are shared on the networks. This is a powerful lever to boost your brand’s reputation. Nevertheless, there are other ways to encourage customers to express their thoughts on your offer.

sms customer reviews

QR Codes for collecting customer reviews in an efficient way

Deployed since 1994, the QR Codes have been massively used since the global health crisis of the 2020s. Today, they represent a very interesting alternative to get leads and especially their opinions.

Indeed, when a customer leaves a store, he has the opportunity to continue their user experience by scanning the QR Code proposed on their receipt or on a poster present in the store or on a product. It’s magical, because the consumer is redirected to a website, storefront or blog that explains everything there is to know about this or that offer.

In the same way, when you leave a restaurant or a bar, you have the possibility to quickly leave a review after paying the bill with your cell phone: scan the QR code and comment on your experience in two taps.

Here is several tips for engaging your prospects to recommend you on the spot:

  • Integrate the QR Code on posters, receipts, labels, restaurant or bar tables, menus, goodies, etc.
  • On your print media use an attractive infographic and short, punchy sentences that encourage scanning.

If the client is a dreamer, point this out to them to arouse his curiosity.

The tablet to intuitively file a notice on the spot

The mobile tablet is as attractive as the smartphone. Its larger screen encourages the customer to come and tap the touch screen. It has become an indispensable tool for collecting opinions in a physical store. When the prospect is waiting in line at the cash register, leaving a store or a restaurant, he can easily and quickly leave his feedback by clicking on a green man, or by selecting a sentence already written which expresses his positive feeling.

Our tips for using a tablet are the following:

  • Place them in self-service near the cash register, at the exit of the store, in a waiting room;
  • When the transaction is completed or the service is finished, explain to your customers the importance of their opinions for your activity: you explain to them the fact that it gives you ideas how to improve your services, for example.

And, when a prospect consults customer reviews before going to a store, a hotel, etc. or to an e-commerce site, the authentic and constructive comments are powerful levers that encourage the engagement. That’s why it’s important to explain to consumers why it matters.

Email: a marketing tool still in use

The email is the tool par excellence to process orders, receive a quote, an invoice and a customer review as well. Nevertheless, we won’t lie to ourselves, it is a channel ultra used and prioritized for professional and administrative procedures.

The emails that propose to leave a review end up in SPAMS or are not opened, it has become time-consuming for everyone to read and respond to them. Other channels are more popular for this engaging action which should not require too much time from the customer.

The Web Push Notification: the high-performance on-screen message for collecting customer reviews

Web Push Notification is an innovative process that deploys a very promising concept, because it :

  • Targets your audience;
  • Activates it;
  • And engages it.

The concept is simple, a Cookieless support transforms your visitors into affiliates of your web notifications. You capture them on-site to communicate on-screen. 

This new strategic lever is based on a platform that offers you a method of customer acquisition and engagement that complements other solutions.

The Web Push Notification creates visibility and generates sales.

This message coming from your website is displayed directly on your prospect’s computer or cell phone. It consists of an image, a title, a personalized content and a Call To Action button that encourages a click. Its ease of authorization by the Internet user makes it powerful. Moreover, the average opt-in rate is 15 times higher than the rate of subscription to a newsletter. Compliant with the GDPR and the confidential data that this tool does not collect, it is also a process that greatly reduces your impact on nature.

Web Push Notification offers the possibility to program automated campaigns, linked to the actions of Internet users – triggers. 

It is therefore possible to send a Web Push to Internet users who have made a purchase (in this case, the trigger), to invite them to leave a comment. The content of the Web Push can obviously offer to receive a voucher for any comment left.

Last tips for the road

To increase the number of reviews posted on your e-commerce, follow our tips:

  • Respond as soon as possible to reviews submitted by your customers, they will appreciate it;
  • Spread the positive reviews on the networks;
  • And, solicit a company specialized in collecting reviews like Trusted Shop.

To boost the number of customer reviews on your website and share their positive feedback with your community, relevant solutions exist.

It’s up to you and don’t hesitate to test Web Push Notification to increase your visibility tenfold!

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