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The anti-adblock solution that monetizes your audience between 15€ and 30€ of eCPM!

Dear Media, Publishers, Webmasters,

Are you tired of seeing your advertising revenues melt like snow in the sun? There are many reasons for the drop in your monetization revenues: the maturity of advertisers who swear by performance, the many advertising intermediaries who reduce your publisher payouts, your resources and time are limited to build a high-performance monetization strategy...

Discover our Web Push Notifications and focus on what you do best: delivering quality content to your audience.
We take care of increasing your advertising revenue!

5 Advantages of Web Push Notifications

An eCPM estimated between 15 and 30€/mile

(estimate for 1k users over 1 month)

Anti-adblocking solution

Reach 100% of your audience.

No site location required

The WPNs are displayed directly on the Internet device.

GDPR Compliant

Prior collection of the Internet user's consent.

Non-intrusive advertising format

The user can unsubscribe at any time.

Get started in less than 10 minutes!

Get to know us better

Adrenalead is a startup in the field of Martech.

Our ambition is to (re)-connect advertisers/media with their audience without intermediaries.

We believe that there is a virtuous path to reconciling the interests and constraints of advertisers and the media, while respecting the privacy of Internet users.

Our advertising platform, based on the Web Push Notifications format, offers a "One to One" offer for all e-commerce sites. Based on a behavioral and predictive targeting engine, our technology complies with the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

It is a clickable message that is sent to the mobile phone or computer of the Internet user who has previously consented to receive information via this channel. This message is relayed directly by the browser. This advertising format allows the advertiser to send a message to all these opt-in users, including those who have left their site.

This innovative format is a communication channel with many advantages to conquer, transform and retain your customers. Direct, customizable, anti-fraud, 100% GDPR compliant and high-performance.

On Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: On Mozilla Firefox, go to Options -> Privacy and Security and then to Permissions, you will see Notifications.

Step 2: Then click on "Settings" for notifications, here you will find a list of all sites that are allowed to send you notifications. You can then select a site and delete it or just forbid it to send notifications. That's all you have to do.

On Google Chrome and Opera

  • Step 1: In Chrome, open a new tab then type this: chrome://settings/content and validate.
  • Step 2: Then click on Notifications. Here you will find a list of sites and blogs that send you notifications.

Select the site for which you want to block Web Push Notifications.

Notifadz by ADRENALEAD is an advertising agency that connects advertisers wishing to promote their offers and services with web publishers wishing to monetize their audience.

Notifadz allows you to send the right message, at the right time, to the right person using retargeting technologies, but also socio-demographic, contextual and predictive targeting.

Our Web Push Notifications are marketed at CPM, CPC, CPA and CPL.

We work with the main affiliation platforms of the market (Timeone, Tradedoubler, Mediaffiliation, Affilae, etc ...) We also have many live campaigns with Advertisers (Spartoo, DigitalVirgo etc ...).

The Web Push Notification is a format that complies with the new European General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data that came into force on May, 25th 2018 (GDPR). Notifications can only be sent to Internet users who have consented to receive communications in this format. The opt-in consent is collected by the browser directly. The browser is therefore a trusted third party.


No. And that's what Web Push Notifications is all about. Notifications are "pushed" by the OS (Operating System) of the user's device (Windows or Android for example). Your site is only intended (via our script) to register your users on our network.

Thereafter the advertising notifications that we will send to your Internet users are displayed DIRECTLY on the Internet user's device (via the OS of his Computer or Smartphone).

Our Web Push Notifications are marketed on a CPM, CPC, CPA and CPL basis. We pay you 50% of the turnover generated by your members registered to our Web Push Notification.

It is therefore impossible to estimate an OOH revenue (CPM)

Your income depends directly and exclusively on the number of your Internet users accepting to receive our notifications.
The higher the opt-in rate (rate of subscribers to our Web Push Notifications), the more subscribers you will have: the choice of script integration is crucial (see "How is your script integrated?")

The average estimated monthly income per 100K active users (who have agreed to receive our web push notifications) is between approximately €1,500 and €3,000.

Each month, we calculate the total revenue generated by all the Web Push users in our network and the number of clicks associated with them. We then establish the share of turnover represented by your Web Push network (the Web Push users registered via your website) by calculating the percentage of clicks generated by your Web Push network which we multiply by the turnover for the month. Your commissions are 50% of this amount.

For example:
Total Turnover France Adrenalead of the Month of January 2019 : 247 000 €HT Total corresponding Number of Clicks : 347 000 Clicks Number of Clicks generated by your Web Push network : 45 670 Clicks Percentage of corresponding Clicks : 13,16% (45 670 / 347 000) Your share of Turnover : 32 508€ (0,1316 x 247 000) Your commission of the month : 16 254 € That is to say (32 508 x 0,5)

At the beginning of each month, we provide you with an AAF (Appel à Facturation). It corresponds to all the campaigns for which we have received payment during the past month.
Note that the periods during which these campaigns were carried out may be spread over several months.
For example, the Call for Invoices (AAF) for March 2019 may correspond to campaigns carried out in January 2019, December 2018 and November 2018, for example ...

The intrinsic qualities of this format, coupled with Notifadz technological know-how, protect the user from any feeling of intrusiveness:

  • Double Optin: by giving double prior consent, the Internet user is less likely to feel attacked by our ads. Web Push Notification is the only advertising format in the world that requires explicit prior consent.
  • Marketing Pressure Management: our NDP software natively includes a module for managing marketing pressure by Internet users.
  • One2One Targeting: Retargeting/Targeting= minimizing the risk of annoyance.
  • Machine Learning: continuous optimization of the experience of each user.
  • Efficiency: Tx Clic WPN 15% (Vs 0.08% in Display) = 187 times less marketing pressure to generate a click
  • Churn: extremely low churn rates (0.38%)

More generally, it can be observed that, despite a steady increase in the number of ads on the Internet, the effectiveness and performance of advertising formats (measured in click-through rates) has continued to grow ...(1)
Evidence that a constant increase in marketing pressure does not necessarily have an impact on the performance of advertising formats.

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