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Find out how to capture a qualified audience with Web Push Notifications.

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Are you using or planning to use the Web Push Notification lever in your digital strategy?

There are many Saas platforms for sending Web Push. But your success also depends on the efficiency of engaging your visitors to subscribe to your Web Push (opt-in rate) and being able to reach your non-subscribed audience.

Discover Notifadz, the unique Web Push Notifications advertising platform with audience extension based on a proprietary network of more than 4M web push subscribers.

Capitalize on your web audience to get your online sales off the ground!

Our solution for e-commerce

Thanks to our Web Push audience extension solution "Notifadz Remarketing List", each time a user visits your website we check in real time if he is present in our Web Push network.

If this is the case, (and if this visitor does not register on your behalf in your own Web Push database), we automatically add him/her to an audience accessible from your Notifadz account.

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Our assets to convince you

Notifadz, the only Web Push Notifications SaaS platform that can triple your number of subscribers with its "Notifadz Remarketing List" audience extension solution.

4 Reasons to enable Web Push Notifications


Capture 15% of your audience "on-site" versus 1% in email marketing


Enjoy real-time communication with 99% deliverability


Multiply by 2 your retargeting conversion rate


Gradually reduce your retargeting budgets on the market's advertising tools.

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Things to remember

At Adrenalead, we are convinced that it is not only about offering a technological solution.

Indeed, what's the point of having a Web Push sending tool if 99% of your Internet users do not subscribe to it? This is why we created Notifadz.

By offering the best of both worlds, a Web Push technology and an audience extension offer, we support advertisers in their retargeting and remarketing strategy by proposing an innovative and high-performance offer.

Dramatically increase the number of subscribers to your Web Push database and get your online sales off the ground!

Your Frequently Asked Questions

Web Push Notification, also commonly known as web notification, takes the form of a window that allows you to send a message composed of text, an image and a logo. This notification is clickable and allows the Internet user to be redirected to a specific link, set up at the time the campaign is created.

Web Push Notification is a window triggered by the browser and sent to the Internet user by the operating system of his terminal (mobile or computer). It works on the most commonly used browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari ) and the Android operating system. Concretely, the browser sends a signal to the operating system that will display the web notification on the user's screen and this in a way that is uncorrelated to the user's web browsing.

Web Push Notifications can be very simply activated or deactivated by the Internet user, via the web browser or mobile web browser itself for a given site (domain name). Unlike emailing, the Internet user does not need to make a request to be unsubscribed, he manages his subscriptions and unsubscriptions directly from his browser's settings management console.

Don't panic! The Web Push Notification is "GDPR Compliant". Indeed, it is a format that complies with the European regulation on the protection of personal data that came into force on May 25, 2018 since by essence, it requires the prior consent of the Internet user to be triggered by the browser. It thus becomes the first display opt-in format.

This clickable message is sent to the mobile phone or computer of the Internet user who has previously consented to receive information via this channel. The relay of this message is done directly by the browser. This advertising format allows the advertiser to send a message to all these opt-in subscribers, including those who have left their site.

This innovative format is a communication channel with many advantages to conquer, transform and retain your customers. Direct, customizable, anti-fraud, 100% GDPR compliant and high-performance.

  • Easy to install - the installation is very fast and takes only a few minutes by integrating a script on its merchant site.
  • Real-time information - the Internet user receives a Web Push Notification when connected and on his browser. The marketing reach is much greater than with a classic e-mailing campaign or via an SMS campaign.
  • Customization - Web Push Notification is fully customizable (title, text, image, CTA) according to the Internet user, but also according to the campaign.
  • Increased registration rate - registration takes just one click and does not require any personal data, compared to e-mailing or SMS alerts, Web Push Notification has a much higher registration rate.
  • Functionalities and campaigns - as with more traditional communication channels, it is possible to create scripted campaigns for reminders, welcome, alerts, etc.

The intrinsic qualities of this format, coupled with the marketing and technological know-how of our team, protect the Internet user from any feeling of intrusiveness.

Opt-in" collection of subscribers: by giving double prior consent, the Internet user is less likely to feel attacked by our advertisements. Web Push Notification is the only advertising format in the world that requires explicit prior consent.

Controlled Marketing Pressure: our Notifadz software natively includes a module for managing marketing pressure by Internet users to avoid overexposure of your brand.

One2One Targeting: Granular targeting solutions such as Retargeting, Audience Remarketing and Predictive Targeting allow us to minimize the risk of annoying the web user.

The Machine Learning: the continuous optimization of each user's experience is one of our priorities.

Format Efficiency: with an average click rate of 15% versus 0.08% in Displa, this makes it 187 times less intrusive. The marketing pressure to generate a click is well below that of current banners in display.

Unsubscribing is in the hands of the Internet user and him alone. Churn rates in web push notifications remain extremely low (0.38% on average), and only the Internet user is able to unsubscribe.

More generally, despite a steady increase in the number of ads on the Internet, the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising formats (measured in click-through rates) has continued to grow...(1)

Evidence that a constant increase in marketing pressure does not necessarily have an impact on the performance of advertising formats.

(1) Source:

It's very simple. Get started by creating and activating your account from

Select "e-commerce" and fill in the registration form for our platform.

Please make sure you enter a valid email address. It will be used to send you the activation link for your account.

If you encounter the slightest difficulty, we are at your disposal by email, telephone or chatbot to accompany you in your approach.

Web Push Notification allows you to address both your prospects and customers in real time, helping to improve the overall conversion rate and traffic to your site. It allows advertisers to act directly at each step of the customer journey on site. It becomes a real lever to act on the marketing conversion tunnel: from registration, information and customer conversion to loyalty and retention.

Notifadz is the 1st customer activation platform by web push notifications launched by ADRENALEAD, allowing you to build your audience AND create campaigns to reach new Internet users who don't know you yet!

We offer several solutions that allow you to regain control of your audience and discover new customers thanks to web push notifications.

For more information, see our solutions here

The strength of our offer lies in the opportunity to build up a highly qualified and accessible audience 24/7 without the Internet user necessarily being consulting a website.

According to your needs, discover the available solutions:

  • I wish to broadcast my offer on a Web Push Notifications subscriber network.

    Thanks to our extensive network of publisher partners, we have a qualified audience of more than 2.6 million Internet users who subscribe to Notifadz web notifications. Contact us to test your offer on all or part of our audience!

  • I would like to enable Web Push Notification subscriber collection on my site.

    Discover our audience retargeting offer to retarget your prospects when they are connected but not necessarily on your website! By activating our script, you collect your subscriber base and you communicate with them when you want them to come back to your site when you think it's appropriate.

  • I want to speed up my collection of Web Push Notifications subscribers.

    Take advantage of a range of innovative solutions to boost your acquisition strategy through web push notifications. To find out more, discover our offers in the "Our solutions" section.