Marketing Automation: 6 web push notification campaigns to automate to maximize your conversions.

Marketing Automation: 6 web push notification campaigns to automate to maximize your conversions.

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Marketing automation is becoming an increasingly important part of digital strategies. It allows to generate additional traffic and sales without wasting the time of marketing teams. What is marketing automation? We speak of marketing automation when campaigns are triggered automatically. To do this, it is sufficient to create marketing scenarios that will be activated according to more or less complex rules. When an Internet user meets the criteria previously defined in the scenario, the campaign is triggered. This type of marketing already exists and is already widely used in email marketing campaigns. Still little known, the power of marketing automation is also possible in the format of Web Push Notifications! To show you the power of this tool, we have prepared a list of 6 automatic Web Push Notifications campaigns. Easy to set up, they will seduce you by their performance. Zoom on the best automated scenarios to implement in your web marketing strategy thanks to web push notifications to boost your e-Commerce conversions.


The automatic "Welcome Push" notification

Just like the welcome email that you can set up when your users subscribe to your newsletter, you have the possibility to create a Welcome Push!

This is one of the easiest automatic notification scenarios to set up! When someone visits your site and subscribes to your web or mobile notifications, you can thank them by welcoming them. Adrenalead offers to activate this scenario, either instantly, or with a delay following the subscription. We call it the Welcome Push because it is the first notification he will receive after his subscription.

In this type of automatic notification, we generally advise our advertisers to make these Internet users come back. For example, propose an exclusive welcome offer highlighting a promotional code or dedicated offer.

Otherwise, you can simply advise him to visit a specific page presenting your most popular offers of the moment.

Example :

Automatic Welcome Push Notification

Short of inspiration? Take back the recipes of your automated emailing campaigns that you have set up! The main advantage of web push notification is that it allows you to convert 15 times more Internet users into subscribers to your brand than a newsletter!

Automatically restart your "Cart Abandonments" by push notification

In France, about 70% of French people have already abandoned their basket. There are several reasons for this! The first cause of basket abandonment (60%) is due to too high delivery costs. Secondly, some Internet users just want to know the total price to pay and want to take some time to think about it before buying (58%). (source: https: // Obviously, it is unfortunately not possible to know the exact reason for abandoning a basket in real time.

This automatic notification is also simple to integrate and offers many benefits. Indeed, when an Internet user abandons his purchase before the validation of his basket and is subscribed to your notifications, you have the possibility to send him a basket reminder to help him finalize his online purchase.

For example, when you know that shipping costs can be a major obstacle to purchase, you can create a coupon code that will offer the shipping costs to this Internet user. Sometimes, it is more interesting to sell a product by paying the delivery costs, rather than not selling it at all.

Example :

automatic basket abandonment notification

If you do not wish to generate a promo code, it is entirely possible to create a notification that reminds the user that he has items in his basket. Then to incite him to finalize his purchase.

Here again, give free rein to your creativity! Analyze the recurring causes of shopping cart abandonment and notify Internet users so that they can come and convert at your place!


Automatic Thank You Notification

Just like the thank you email, you can automatically send a web notification to your buyers! This offers many benefits:

First of all, this notification will reassure the buyer that his purchase has been confirmed. Secondly, it will allow you to thank him/her for placing an order with you. Finally, you can tell him that he can benefit from a voucher for a future order for example!

In terms of customer loyalty, the automatic thank-you notification sets the bar very high! Here is an example of thank you notifications you can send:

automatic notification of thank you

Web Push Notification to request a customer notification

What if you created a scenario in which, a few days after a purchase, the Internet user receives a notification asking for an opinion on his last purchase?

For some years now, companies, products, after-sales service... have been noted. Generally represented under a rating from 0 to 5 stars, 88% of buyers consult customer reviews before ordering. And make no mistake, it is not necessary to have 100% positive opinions! Of course, the average must be good for you to have a better chance of converting. But what matters most is the number of reviews you receive! Moreover, if you take the time to respond to negative reviews in order to provide a concrete answer to buyers, you will reassure potential buyers about your honesty and after-sales service.

So, by scheduling an automatic notification sending to request a customer notification, you will increase the number of notifications received about your company, which will gradually make it more popular!

Here's an example:

automatic notification customer notification

Recurrent notification for consumables

You know your products well. So you know the average time it takes for your product to be consumed, and therefore for it to be redeemed!

Nowadays, we work a lot with reminders / alarms. Indeed, our lives are very busy and our nomadic devices help us a lot to program our days. Take the lead! Notify your buyers that it's time to restock at home.

Let's take the example of a body lotion. You know that it takes on average 23 days to empty a tube of milk. So schedule a notification 20 days after buying a bottle to let the buyer know it's time to buy more. At home!

This type of notification works very well for consumables.

For example:

Automatic notification of consumable products

But can also work on other types of products! For example for textile, if an Internet user bought a coat during the winter collection, offer him to buy bathing suits or t-shirts during the summer collection!

Connect your CRM to our API to send customized automatic notifications

Today is Mr. X's birthday. In three days, Mrs Y will lose her loyalty points... You are able to know all this thanks to your CRM. Some advertisers - e-merchants; e-retailers - already use email to make personalized offers to their customers.

You have the possibility to increase the reach of your message by multiplying the distribution channels thanks to Web Push Notification! Another non-negligible advantage of this format is that the web notification appears directly on your audience's device and redirects it to your chosen page with a single click! This makes the number of clicks on the link much higher than the number of clicks on the email!

Here is an example of a custom notification that you can program :

Automatic CRP and API notification

 We are of course present to accompany and advise you in the development of your campaigns.

We have just presented 6 automatic Web Push campaigns that you must absolutely set up! Many other scenarios can be imagined. Your imagination is your only limit!

You can also discover our latest article by clicking on this link: https: //

If you would like to get started and become one of the first to take advantage of this innovative format, contact us! 

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