Monetize your AMP sites via Adrenalead’s Web Push Notification

In today’s mobile-first world, website speed is crucial for user experience. More than half of mobile website visits are abandoned when pages take more than three seconds to load. Therefore, it is essential to create a fast and optimized experience. In this regard, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology can be of great help to you.

What is an AMP site?

AMP is an open-source initiative from Google that aims to create faster-loading web pages, specifically designed for mobile devices. By using a simplified code structure and pre-rendering content, AMP pages load much faster. This significantly improves the user experience, which leads to increased engagement and reduced bounce rates.

How can you monetize your AMP sites via Web Push Notification?

Although the AMP format excels in terms of loading speed, you may find it difficult to maintain user engagement after they’ve left your site. For this, Web Push Notifications are a great help. These browser-powered messages appear directly on users’ screens, even when they’re not on your site. It’s like sending them a friendly reminder to come back for more.

And since a few weeks ago, publishers with AMP sites can also integrate Adrenalead’s WPN into their monetization strategy. All you have to do is to add our script to your AMP site. This will enable you to collect subscribers, just like on the original version.

Attention: On AMP sites, the opt-in box is triggered by clicking on the dedicated button 👇

opt-in box on AMP sites

Here are some notes on button placement and languages:

  • Subscription button: The subscription button is placed at the bottom of the page and follows the user’s scrolling.
  • Unsubscription button: You can place the unsubscribe button code wherever you like.
  • Supported languages: Adrenalead’s buttons are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, and Lithuanian.

How to integrate Adrenalead’s Web Push on your AMP site?

Our five-step integration process makes it easy to add Web Push functionality to your AMP site:

  1. Add the amp_serviceworker.js file
  2. Add two new HTML files to the root of your website
  3. Add the AMP Web push script
  4. Insert this code into the <body>  of your AMP site
  5. Insert buttons and CSS code

Integrating our Web Push script to your AMP sites allows your accelerated mobile pages to interact with the Web Push API. Thanks to the simplified code, visitors can easily subscribe to your push notifications with a single click. This reduces friction and encourages increased subscriptions.

Once users are subscribed, you have the ability to send personalized notifications based on their behaviors and preferences. This allows you to create relevant messages that prompt your audience to take action, whether it’s informing them about new content or offering them exclusive promotions.


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