New Notifadz onboarding

Advertisers and publishers who haven’t yet fallen for Web Push (at least not ours 😜): we’re offering you a new onboarding feature on Notifadz, to make it easier to create your account and integrate our solution.

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Notifadz… But what is it?

Through its Notifadz platform, Adrenalead offers advertisers and media sites a solution for keeping in touch with their web users. Once the solution has been technically implemented on a site, the brand or publisher can collect subscribers and retarget them via scheduled or automated Web Push Notification campaigns (marketing triggers).

And a little extra for publishers: should they wish, they can monetize their audience 😜

The new Notifadz onboarding interface

Adrenalead’s Notifadz offers you a new user interface, to make it easier to get to grips with the tool!

This new version facilitates the user experience, from registration to solution integration, including customization and testing of optin box templates, guaranteeing a smoother process for configuring and activating our solution.

In concrete terms, this means that in just a few minutes you can:

  • Configure your Web Push subscriber collection template, for desktop and mobile. Choose from 3 available templates, customize text, visuals and text colors.
  • Integrate the collection script on your site
  • Integrate service worker
  • Integrate conversion tracking, if desired
  • Test solution integration
  • Integrate ads.txt (only for publishers wishing to monetize their audience)
  • Activate marketing automation scenarios (for advertisers only)
  • Integrate trigger scripts (for advertisers only)
Notifadz onboarding screen subscription page

Need more info about the new Notifadz onboarding?

Nothing could be simpler! Go to our product documentation for a step-by-step guide:

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