Citroën, Adcleek and Adrenalead triumph at Cas d’OR Digilocales 2023

A triumphant victory redefining digital advertising 💪

The night of Digilocales 2023 bore witness to an exceptional victory for Citroën, Adcleek, and Adrenalead. Our campaign for generating traffic at dealerships through Web Push Notifications was honored with the prestigious Gold Case for geolocated campaigns. 🏆

Traffic generation 2.0: the ingenuity of Web Push Notifications

This award-winning strategy is based on a particularly clever idea 💡: sending web push notifications on behalf of the nearest Citroën dealership to the user. By personalizing the user experience in this way, this initiative not only increased Citroën’s visibility but also led to a significant rise in the flow of visitors to the brand’s sales points.

This demonstrates how innovation and creativity can transform the digital advertising landscape 🚀.

Advertising innovation: Citroën, Adcleek, and Adrenalead

The success of Citroën, Adcleek, and Adrenalead at the 2023 Digilocales Gold Cases perfectly illustrates the role of Web Push Notifications as a strategic tool in the digital advertising landscape 🌐. This award strengthens Adrenalead’s position as an industry leader and testifies to its ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in an ever-evolving advertising world 🏅. This exceptional partnership paves the way for a new era of targeted and highly effective acquisition advertising campaigns through Web Push Notifications.

Enlightened leadership in the world of Web Push Notifications

Adrenalead has long been a pioneer in using Web Push Notifications to optimize advertising campaigns. The goal is simple: to continue providing innovative solutions and help advertisers achieve their goals through impactful advertising campaigns.

Find the complete list of winners of the 2023 Digilocales Gold Cases👉 here.

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