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Publishers, media: double your web revenue with web push notification monetisation

Discover our web push notifications advertising network

How does Web Push Notification work?

Discover our web push notifications advertising network

Stage 1


The Internet user agrees to receive web notifications by clicking on the "AUTHORIZE " button in the browser's application window on the publisher's website.

Step 2


The Internet user now receives web notifications from the advertiser, without having to browse the advertiser's site. 

The notification is displayed directly on the device from which he gave his consent. 

Step 3


On clicking on the notification, the user is redirected directly to the advertiser's website or landing page.

Increase your advertising revenue with our Web Push Notifications!

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An innovative and efficient format at the service of web editors.

You are a content site, a blog, a media and want to take advantage of your audience to generate more revenue without annoying your web surfers browsing your site?

Activatable in a few minutes, you have an additional source of revenue without allocating extra space on your site!

The only "GDPR Compliant" display format that monetises your audience, even adblocked ones!

Why activate Web Push Notifications?

It is the only format that allows you to earn money even when your users are not on your site. Improve your income and the user experience of your site!

Adrenalead - 1st Open Web Push Notification Web Pushing System

Our advertising network is based on proprietary technology, connected to the market's programmatic platforms. This guarantees unlimited access to the most remunerative international ads on the market.

* Average revenue per click seen on our publishers. Estimates as of January 01, 2021 based on 500 publishers. Statistics for information purposes only and subject to change.

Our little extras that make all the difference

REGIE | French audience monetisation
Fast & secure integration

The installation of our monetization solution takes less than 10 min.

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Notifadz by Adrenalead - Web Push Notification

 Activate this new monetization lever in a few clicks with our WordPress plugin

Adrenalead - 1st web push notification system connected to programmatic announcements

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