6 Web Push campaigns to activate in time for the holidays

The festive season is upon us, bringing with it an opportunity for e-commerce firms to embrace the magic of the season and boost their audience engagement level at the same time. When it comes to capturing the attention of consumers who are already overstimulated by the holiday shopping bonanza, Web Push Notifications can help give you the edge. 

Because they are easy to use and can be deployed quickly, Web Push Notifications enable you to reach a targeted audience in an efficient way, sometimes outperforming other advertising levers. Join us as we look at 6 campaigns you can launch to maximize your ROI, and amplify the impact of your campaigns using Web Push Notifications during this intense peak shopping period.

Why activate Web Push Notifications for your holiday campaigns?

Web Push Notifications are a powerful communications tool enabling you to send personalized and relevant messages to your visitors, even if they’re not currently browsing your site (spoiler alert: they’re also a relatively untapped resource…for now! 👀).

They offer various advantages for boosting your performance levels during the festive holidays:

  • ✅They build audience loyalty: sending messages which are customized to your subscribers’ needs helps strengthen your relationship with them, and encourages them to return to your site.
  • They generate qualified traffic: by using segmentation and personalization criteria, you can target the right people at the right time with the right message, and in doing so attract visitors who are interested in your offers.
  • They help you stand out from the competition:  during the festive period, consumers are drowning in promotional messages coming from all channels. Web Push Notifications have the advantage of appearing directly on the user’s screen, which allows you to stand out from the crowd and grab your audience’s attention.
    (Think different😉)
  • They increase your conversion rate: Web Push Notifications have an average opt-in of 9.6%, compared to 2.9% for emails and just 1.9% for SMS.

You can consult our annual or quarterly barometers to see all the statistics and compare conversion rates via Web Push Notification vs. conversion rates via Search & Display.

What kind of campaigns can you run with Web Push?

There are 2 types of Web Push Notification campaigns that you can use for your marketing operations during the festive period:

Scheduled campaigns: these are campaigns you schedule in advance, to be launched at a specific time and date. Their goal is to achieve mass communication with all your subscribers about an event, an offer, a news item, etc. For example, you can take advantage of the season’s key dates (Black Friday, Christmas, NYE, etc.) to create scheduled campaigns and communicate with your audience.

💡  Did you know? Click rates can increase by 30-50% with information campaigns (guides, tips and advice, news, blog articles, etc.) compared to promotional campaigns (reductions, products, sales, etc.).

Trigger campaigns: this refers to campaigns which are automatically triggered by the behavior or profile of your visitors. Their objective is to re-target your audience and spur them toward the conversion funnel. They also contribute to your lead nurturing strategy in the long term (acting as a veritable loyalty and rewards strategy).

💡 Did you know? Trigger campaigns can increase your total conversions by 10%.

Now that you’re familiar with the definitions and terminology of the two campaigns types, we’d like to present our top six campaign options for the 2023 festive period.

1.  Advent calendar for promotions 🎁

Here’s an original idea for keeping your site animated during the month of December: creating an Advent calendar for your promotions. This involves presenting a new offer to your subscribers each day, using a Web Push Notification for users to click on and explore each promotion. You can vary the types of offers involved: reductions, free delivery, gifts, promo codes, etc. The goal is to create a feeling of urgency and excitement among your subscribers, who can look forward to receiving your notifications each day.

 This is an example of a scheduled campaign, as you’ll need to plan what you want to offer each day in advance.

2. Personalized wish list 📜

If you want to engage with your audience during the festive period, why not offer them the chance to create a personalized wish list? This involves inviting them to select the products they’d like to give or receive, and sending them a Web Push Notification to remind them of their list and encourage them to proceed with their purchase. You can also suggest related or similar products based on the user’s browsing history or preferences. The objective is to facilitate the purchasing process and to boost subscriber loyalty by offering them a personalized experience.

This is a trigger campaign, as it is triggered by your subscribers’ behavior.

3. Flash sales: limited-time offers⚡

Another idea to boost your sales during the holidays is to launch flash sales, or limited-time offers. This involves offering exceptional reductions on a selection of products for a short time (usually just a few hours or minutes⏰). You can send your subscribers a Web Push Notification to tell them when the flash sale will start and finish, as well as the percentage of the reduction and the number of products available.

The goal is to create a feeling of urgency and exclusiveness among your subscribers, who will be tempted to seize the opportunity before it passes.

This is a scheduled campaign, as you’ll need to define which products are included in the promotion in advance, and send out notifications at a precise time. (pro tip 😉: add a countdown clock to show how long the offer will remain valid: this reinforces the feeling of urgency).

4. Share the magic: holiday decoration photo contest 📸

Another way to keep your community engaged over the festive period is by holding a holiday decoration photo contest. This involves asking your subscribers to share photos on social media of their Christmas decorations, Christmas tree, dinner table, etc. using a specific hashtag. You can send out a Web Push Notification to invite users to participate in the contest and remind them of the rules and prizes available. The goal is to create a buzz around your brand, boost your image as a company that cares, and to reward your most loyal and creative subscribers.

This is a scheduled campaign, as you’ll need to announce the contest’s entry rules and prizes in advance, and launch the contest on a specific date (Web Push Notifications can also be used to remind your subscribers that the final date for entries is approaching).

5. New Year loyalty rewards 🎉

In order to build audience loyalty during the holidays, you can offer users a new year’s loyalty reward. This involves sending out a Web Push Notification to thank them for their loyalty and offering a gift, promo code, gift voucher, etc. You may also want to wish them a “Happy New Year” and give them a sneak peak of some new items for the coming year. The goal is to strengthen your bond with your subscribers, build loyalty and encourage users to visit your site.

This is a scheduled campaign, as you’ll need to send out a push notification in advance to thank your subscribers for their loyalty.

6. Treasure hunt for hidden offers 🕵️‍♂️

Finally, this campaign allows you to surprise your audience and build loyalty during the festive holidays. The idea is to hide special offers on certain pages of your site, then giving your subscribers clues on how to find them. You can send a Web Push Notification to invite them to participate in your treasure hunt and give them the first clue. The goal is to create an interactive and fun game that sparks curiosity and customer engagement, and that encourages visitors to explore your site.

This is a trigger campaign, as it is triggered by subscriber activity on your site.

20 ideas for Web Push Notification campaigns

  1. News notification
  2. Event notification
  3. Loyalty notification
  4. Survey notification
  5. Launch notification
  6. Content notification
  7. Birthday notification
  8. Welcome notification
  9. Reminder notification
  10. Re-supply notification
  11. Humorous notification
  12. Seasonality notification
  13. Emergency notification
  14. Promotional notification
  15. Social proof notification
  16. Sponsorship notification
  17. Gamification notification
  18. Re-engagement notification
  19. Recommendation notification
  20. Subscriber basket notification

Bonus: 🎁 6 pro tips for success with Web Push Notifications

Infographic 6 tips for web push notification campaigns for holidays

To make sure you don’t miss out on anything, we advise you to download the e-commerce calendar, which will keep you informed of key dates in 2024 with practical examples of ideas to apply for your business.


Web Push Notifications are a powerful and effective marketing lever for boosting your performance levels during the festive holidays. They allow you to communicate with your audience in a personalized, relevant and instantaneous way, and to create a feeling of urgency, exclusiveness and emotion. By using the 6 types of campaigns we’ve looked at, you can increase your conversion rates, build audience loyalty, generate qualified traffic and stand out from the competition. So what are you waiting for? Activate Web Push Notifications today for a successful holiday period! 🎄

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