Why activate web push notifications on your e-commerce site?

1. Web push notification in e-commerce: an innovative format that stands out from the competition

Web push notification is an innovative format in e-commerce. It allows to communicate directly with the user, “on-screen “. No need to wait for the user to navigate on a website. 

Depending on the players in this market, it is very easy to set up your subscriber collection model and activate it in less than 10 minutes.

Halfway between email marketing and display, this format is still unknown to advertisers. This makes it an attractive lever to differentiate yourself from your competitors. What’s more, it achieves very interesting performances!

2. Opt-in rate and click-through rate

99% of the users visit your website and then leave it without giving you a way to get back to them. Web push notifications are your solution. 

Adrenalead uses custom opt-in collection templates, achieving an average performance of 15% opt-in rate. Advertisers quickly build a subscriber base, which they can retarget with web push notification campaigns.

On average, the CTR observed by Adrenalead on web push notification campaigns in e-commerce is around 5%… Against 0.1 to 0.5% for display! Coupled with the conversion rate, the number of conversions achieved by e-retailers thanks to web push notifications exceed all other levers .

3. Send personalized messages to your targets with web push notifications in e-commerce

There are many ways to personalize your web push notifications in e-commerce. The collection of subscribers is structured in such a way that it is possible to know from which page your users have subscribed. Thus, you have the possibility to target in a very precise way the people of your base.

This allows you to set up ultra-precise One to One marketing automation scenarios by web push notifications to improve your conversion rates. Moreover, you will be able to know if the people in your database have already bought from you… Allowing you to make cross-sell or maintain a loyalty relationship.

personalized messages that convert

4. Communicate anytime, anywhere and in real time

Web push notifications in e-commerce have a particularity. They are displayed directly on the user’s mobile or computer screen.

Indeed, it is the browser that takes care of sending the notification that will be displayed by the operating system of the terminal. This increases the engagement of your users by bringing them back to your site, while they are browsing other websites.

5. An anti-fraud and image-friendly format

It is common for customer acquisition solutions (emailing, display…) to generate ad fraud and/or damage your brand image. Sometimes your brand’s ads appear on publisher sites that don’t match with your brand values and this can have the opposite effect.

As we saw in the previous point, web notifications appear directly on the user’s screen! Thanks to this feature, any risk of fraud or damage to your company’s image is excluded.

6. Total control of the budget and marketing pressure

As we have seen before, the web push notification is an anti-fraud format that allows you to have full control over your brand image.

In the same way, this technology gives you total control over the marketing pressure and consequently, your budget. Indeed, your customer acquisition team is the only one who decides to whom and when to send a personalized message! This way, you have the possibility to communicate to your audience whenever you want.

7. Web push notifications in e-commerce: an anti AdBlocker format

If you are new to online advertising, you must know that it is very difficult to reach everyone with online advertising. Why? It’s because of the Adblockers. More than 36% of French Internet users use one! 

The web push notification bypasses ad blockers! Indeed, these browser extensions do not block opt-in requests and have no control over the sending of notifications to your audience’s device!

By using this solution, you have the possibility to reach 100% of your subscribed audience, even those who use an ad blocker.

8. 100% GDPR compliant

To use web push notifications in e-commerce, it will first be necessary to collect subscribers. 

To do this, you will need to install an opt-in box on the homepage of your site. Internet users will then have the choice to receive or not notifications from your company. The collection of the user’s consent is therefore transparent.

Moreover, the Internet user will be able to unsubscribe later on in complete autonomy if he wishes.

9. Higher conversion rates than in SEM

Adrenalead proposes each month a barometer of the performance of web push notifications vs. search and display.

In this barometer, you can see how web push notification ranks against SEM. In summary, this lever outperforms SEM in most e-commerce categories!

10. Web push notifications in e-commerce, an alternative in a cookieless world

Retargeting without using third-party cookies… You’ll have to get used to it! Indeed, this technology that allows retargeting on the web since 1994, will disappear in 2023.

At Adrenalead, retargeting by web push notification does not use third party cookies. With this solution, you are able to reach users who have visited your site!

Thus, this cookieless communication format is becoming a real lever of customer activation for all advertisers who wish to capitalise on their audience and regain control of their retargeting campaigns at the dawn of a world without third-party cookies.

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