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1. What is the average pay per click?

Our Web Push Notifications are sold on a performance basis. We pay you 50% of the turnover generated by your members registered to our Web Push Notifications. Your income depends directly and exclusively on the number of your users accepting to receive our notifications.

The higher the opt-in rate, the more subscribers you will have: the choice of script integration is crucial. To learn more, see the "How does your script integrate?" section.

The average income estimate monthly revenue (30 days of activity) for a site with 1,000,000 unique visitors per month is approximately $1,000.

WARNING: this remains an estimate and an average because we can observe strong disparities from one website to another, both in terms of commissions and churn rate (unsubscribers rate).

2. Can users easily unsubscribe from Web Push Notifications?

Unsubscribing is managed by the Internet user himself. To find out more, you can consult the unsubscription processes by browser below. 

How to unsubscribe from push notifications on Mozilla Firefox?

Step 1: On Mozilla Firefox, go to Options -> Privacy & Security, then under Permissions, you will see Notifications.

Step 2: Then click on "Settings" for notifications. Here you will find a list of all the sites that are allowed to send you notifications.

You can then select a site to remove it or disallow it from sending notifications. 


How to unsubscribe from push notifications on Google Chrome, Opera and Android?

Step 1: In Chrome, open a new tab then type this: chrome://settings/content and validate.

Step 2: Click on Notifications. Here you will find the list of sites and blogs that send you notifications.

Select the site you no longer wish to receive notifications from and block or delete it.

It is also possible to unsubscribe directly when a Web Push Notification arrives, by right-clicking on the notification and selecting the option "Disable notifications for Google Chrome".

3. Who are your customers / advertisers?

We work under direct contract with generalist and mainstream advertisers. We do not broadcast any sensitive content (online games, cryptocurrency, adult sites...).

In addition, we are connected with the main advertising players in the market (affiliation platforms and programmatic advertising agencies).

4. Does your advertising solution fall within the scope of the general European regulations for data protection (GDPR)?

Web Push Notification is the first display format to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Indeed, this is the only display format that requires the prior consent of the Internet user, before being able to communicate with him. The opt-in consent is collected by the browser itself, acting as a trusted third party. The Internet user can easily unsubscribe by managing directly the authorizations given via his browser.

So it's a format that complies with the new European regulations that came into effect on May 25, 2018 and goes even further!

5. Does the user have to be on our site to receive notifications?

Sending a Web Push Notification is completely uncorrelated to the user's navigation on your website.

And that's what Web Push Notification is all about!

The Notifications are displayed DIRECTLY ON THE DEVICE of the user, via the OS of his computer or his smartphone (Windows or Android for example).

Your site is only intended (via our Script) to register your Internet users on our network.

6. How to control the marketing pressure and the campaigns broadcasted?

The marketing pressure is managed directly by our platform for each user. Your users are likely to receive between 5 and 8 notifications per day on average, depending on our offers and their relevance to their profile.

We are transparent about the communications relayed to your users with our live advertisers. You can view all these statistics on your Notifadz account.

7. How does the script recognize that a user has already agreed to be subscribed to web notifications?

Before displaying the authorization request page, our script (server) queries the user's browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Mozilla...) to find out what the notification status is for our domain (native or external). Depending on the answer, we will display (or not) the authorization request page.

8. How to integrate the Notifadz script?

Web Push Notification requires the prior consent of the Internet user. 

Our script is therefore intended to collect this consent on your website. It must therefore be integrated on the pages of your site. It will allow to display to your users the opt-in box allowing them to indicate their choice about receiving your notifications.

Your revenues depend directly and exclusively on the number of your users accepting to receive our notifications. So the choice of script integration is crucial.

There are several integration options:

1/ Create your account under Notifadz and generate your custom script.

2a/ For WordPress editors, install our dedicated plugin.

To learn more about this integration, click here.

2b/ For other editors, integrate the script in your source code, before the . In order to collect the maximum number of subscribers, it is essential to integrate your script on all the pages of your site.

3/ Download the service worker service and install it at the root of your site.

The root directory of your website corresponds to the content that is loaded when a user accesses your home page. It usually contains an index file (.html, .php, .js...). The location of this folder may depend on the tools you use. 

9. Can your script slow down the loading time of my site's pages?

Our script is asynchronous; therefore it cannot slow down the loading time of your pages. Also, remember that, unlike the ads you display on your site, our Web Push Notifications are delivered DIRECTLY to the user's screen (computer or mobile).

10. How are my commissions calculated?

Each month, we calculate the total revenue generated by all the Web Push users in our network and the number of clicks associated with them.

We then establish the share of revenue represented by your Web Push network (Web Push users registered via your website) by calculating the percentage of clicks generated by your Web Push network that we multiply by the month's revenue.

Your commissions are 50% of this amount.


For example:

Total turnover France Adrenalead on a given month : 247 000€ HT

Total number of corresponding clicks: 347,000 clicks

Number of clicks generated by your Web Push network: 45,670 clicks

Percentage of corresponding clicks: 13.16% (45,670 / 347,000)

Your share of turnover: €32,508 (0.1316 x 247,000)

Your commission for the month: 16 254 € i.e. 32 508 x 0,5

11. How do the billing calls work?

From our Notifadz platform, you can access the details of the campaigns relayed on your network, as well as the forecast turnover and the associated eCPC, from the "Income" section.

The turnover is provisional and likely to evolve according to the validations of the advertisers and the platforms of affiliation.

It is not in real time. Your earnings are updated once a week (Friday).

Since your commissions are calculated on the basis of clicks generated by your Web Push users, it is possible that between 2 updates of the turnover, your commissions evolve (up or down, depending on the evolution of the % of your clicks on the total volume of clicks generated to date).

Since click statistics are calculated in real time, the theoretical eCPC of your campaigns is therefore underestimated between 2 updates of your projected turnover.

Attention: your projected sales ("Income") do not correspond to your AAF. You should not base your invoices on your forecasted turnover. To prepare your invoices, please refer to the "Invoicing" tab (see below).

At the beginning of each month, if necessary, we provide you with an AAF (Call to invoice). It corresponds to all the campaigns that you have relayed and for which we have received a payment for the past month.

Please note that the minimum amount to send us an invoice is 100 €.

When your AAFs have reached this amount, a small red bell appears next to the "Billing" tab. You can view the details of your available AAFs at any time.

It should be noted that the periods during which these campaigns were carried out can be spread over several months.

For example, the Call for Billing (CFB) of March of year N can correspond to campaigns carried out in January of the same year, but also in November and December of year N-1. 

All you have to do is send us the corresponding invoice for this AAF.

12. Are your Web Push Notifications compatible with Adsense?

Absolutely. Remember that your Adsense ads are displayed on your site, while our Web Push Notifications are DIRECTLY pushed to the user's screen (computer or mobile).