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Interview with Anne Rodriguez Otalora, Business Developer

Founded nearly 3 years ago, Scale Up (Propulse Lab) is a start-up expert in acquisition, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Its objective: to help companies grow by helping them implement their digital strategies. Anne Rodriguez Otalora, Business Developer of the company, tells us in detail about her collaboration with Adrenalead and her experience with the tools of the Lyon-based ad tech.

In what context did you work with Adrenalead and to meet what objectives?

We worked together for one of our clients: Biosanté Editions, a publishing house that offers digital magazines as well as online training for seniors on topics such as natural medicine (essential oils, homeopathy, etc.), alternative medicines and all forms of pathologies.

We called on Adrenalead with a view to increasing the client's conversions. Of course, we were already using other known levers such as content recommendation with our partners Outbrain and Taboola or social media with Google, Facebook and Pinterest. However, this time we were looking for a less traditional lever in order to think outside the box and deliver campaigns in an original, high-impact form.

What type(s) of campaign(s) have you put in place?

We chose Adrenalead's web push notification to deliver retargeting campaigns to people who did not convert in the first stage of the journey.

Our strategy was therefore deployed through automated campaigns on two traffic sources (on the themes of diet and osteoarthritis), with pushes at 30 minutes, 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours from the first exposure. As the retargeted audience (women over 50) did not interact with the first ads, the retargeting web push notifications sent them to landing pages with different themes.

What kind of performance have you been able to generate with Adrenalead?

So far, with low volumes (200 leads), we have achieved a CPL of €3.50 and made sales that have allowed us to make better results than on high volume campaigns. The next step we need to take on our side is to install more traffic sources to increase this volume and generate ever better performance. As far as the click-through rate is concerned, it is 3%, which is a very good click-through rate. However, unlike many marketers, click-through rate and open rate are not our main indicators. We use web push notification mainly to diversify our traffic sources.

What do you like about the solution?

The web push notification is an innovative format that we have never used before. Its particularity is that it allows you to refer to several routes with the limit that you wish. 

It is also a practical marketing lever: unlike other means, once the campaign is set up, it runs by itself with little optimisation to be done during the campaign (e.g. locations). 

One of the other major attractions of this format is also that once individuals are integrated into a subscriber base, they can be retargeted as many times as desired.

Moreover, Adrenalead's support is very efficient, as the teams are available and reactive, which makes campaign management easier. For all these reasons, we will not hesitate to recommend Adrenalead to our clients or partners.

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