Platform for customer activation and advertising retargeting using Web Push Notifications

Enjoy cookieless advertising retargeting !

Web Push Notifications, the extra boost for email marketing, makes return visits to your site easier and boosts your sales. How? By turning an average 15% of your web visitors into subscribers to your brand and by sending them ultra-targeted marketing campaigns via this channel. And, by sending advertising retargeting Web Push Notification campaigns.
And, all this without the need for any personal data!

1. Collect subscribers

2. Send marketing campaigns

“They’ve already rolled out Web Push Notifications”

advertising retargeting Belambra
advertising retargeting Weekendesk
advertising retargeting Interflora

Web Push Notifications, a powerful tool for brands

* Averages observed for Adrenalead customers

advertising retargeting optin

15% opt-in to your brand*

advertising retargeting open rate

Open rate X2
versus email*

advertising retargeting conversions


Solutions for your entire marketing funnel

Activate and manage multi-audiences: loyalty, advertising retargeting and acquisition

Adrenalead offers brands a turnkey suite of solutions working on the entire marketing funnel. The SaaS marketing platform and the advertising network offers you the opportunity to work on your own Web Push subscribers and to reach an additional qualified audience using the Web Push Notification format (advertising retargeting and new user acquisition).

advertising retargeting awareness push


Communicate on the issues your products deal with to users who aren’t visitors to your site using our advertising network.

e.g.: Push of generic articles


Connect with your subscribers, communicate on your brand, your history, your products.

e.g.: Push of articles presenting your products and your history, push with interviews of brand creators


Share customer reviews and push comparisons of your product vs. rivals.

e.g.: Push that redirects to a product review

advertising retargeting intention push


Work on the user’s intention to buy.

e.g.: Push with products viewed on the site or products that could interest the user, push of commercial offers


Lead the user to convert.

e.g.: Push “Your cart’s ready and waiting”


Thank the user and prepare your future sales.

e.g.: Thanks push, push with promo code for next order, push for the user’s birthday


Get customer reviews from your buyers

e.g.: Push to encourage to publish a verified customer review

A new digital tool to boost your performance

Create bespoke digital experiences

Offer one-of-a-kind bespoke experiences to your site’s Web Push Notification subscribers by configuring your campaigns via our platform.

Boost return visits to your site by creating one-shot or automated bespoke content-specific campaigns based on your users’ behavior.

Split up your audiences to address your different targets in a granular way. 

Launch retargeting campaigns to convert your non-subscribed visitors.

There’s no limit, apart from your imagination!

advertising retargeting displays