5 reasons to use Web Push Notifications

The acquisition strategies of brands are different but all lead to a common goal: to increase online sales volumes by optimizing the advertising and marketing budgets. What if we tell you that the Web Push Notification advertising format proposed by Adrenalead can offer you a turnkey solution to reach and even surpass your objectives? Fnd out how to prepare the discounts in the best way with Web Push Notifications!

1. A high-performance customer conquest offer

When it comes to discounts, it’s all about clearing out your stock. To clear your stock, you will generally make considerable promotions which can also attract new customers. To do this, you must communicate to as many people as possible and differentiate yourself from the competition, which is very active during this high point in e-commerce.

Adrenalead offers advertisers the possibility to take advantage of an audience of more than 37 million subscribers in France. This allows to send personalized messages on an innovative advertising channel. This unique technology allows brands to communicate with a very large audience. During these periods, we observe conversion rates that can exceed 5%! All this with a controlled CPC, of course!

2. The opportunity to build a qualified web push subscriber base

Sales generally offer higher traffic than the rest of the year. Indeed, it is the opportunity for the consumer to discover your brand at attractive prices. To encourage them to come back to your site, it seems strategic to propose to your visitors to subscribe to your communications via the web push notifications format . This will allow you to keep in touch and encourage them to come and discover your future collections and exclusive offers. Adrenalead’s unique customer activation platform allows you to take advantage of this traffic peak to enrich your subscriber base to the maximum!

It is important to note that, thanks to the personalized templates, Adrenalead observes an opt-in rate of about 15% vs. 1%* for email! You will be able to take advantage of this base all year long, by sending them real time communications, to promote your new products or your news.

3. Expand your audience with web push audience extension

If you have taken the step of Web Push Notification, you can take advantage of your own subscriber base! These subscribers are Internet users who know you… They have visited your site and have accepted to receive your notifications. By activating the Remarketing List solution, you will also be able to notify the visitors of your site that we find in our database and that have not yet authorized notifications on your site.

Reaching people who have already visited your site is called retargeting. It offers unparalleled performance in all types of digital advertising. Web Push Notification is no exception to the rule: we observe higher conversion rates than Google Ads remarketing campaigns (see our monthly barometers).

4. Facilitate your marketing actions by automating
your web push

Very often in e-commerce, it appears that some Internet users add one or more products in their baskets without validating it immediately. The automated campaign scenarios available on Adrenalead allow advertisers to to send a message directly to this person’s device, in order to encourage them to continue shopping!

Once a user has placed his order, you will be able to send him a notification, to thank and/or offer him complementary items (cross selling). Follow-up scenarios are only limited by your marketing imagination and are a powerful tool for optimising your conversions with an already committed target.

5. Be innovative and opt for performance!

We’re not the only ones saying it… Web Push Notifications technology is still largely under-exploited today. It is clear that the flexibility and performance that this technology offers puts it on a higher level than many other customer acquisition levers.

Moreover, it is a recent solution that is growing every day to offer new development opportunities. It is also important to note that third-party cookies are disappearing. It is therefore essential for any web marketing strategy to reinvent itself. Web notifications are a cookieless technology and even allow retargeting to adblocked internet users!

Are you convinced by these 5 good reasons to use Web Push Notification for the sales?

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