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The e-Commerce Barometer
by Web Push Notifications

"Edition December 2020"

Remarketing Barometer by Web Notification Special Holiday Season Barometer

For this 3rd edition of the barometer, discover the average conversion rates obtained thanks to remarketing by web push notification in comparison with the average conversion rates per sector obtained on campaigns such as Google Ads Search. December is a special time for e-Commerce! Let's take a look at the performance offered by Web Push Notification during this special period.

Performance comparison between SEM and Remarketing Web Push Notifications campaigns

*SEM conversion data from eCommerce Benchmark Compass 18. Sources: and

**Conversion data observed on web push notifications relayed by Notifadz on + 100 partner brands for the month of November 2020.

The conversion rate is calculated as follows: Number of conversions (leads or sales depending on the business sector) / Number of clicks.

The performance of advertising campaigns differs according to the sectors of activity and according to the distribution levers chosen. We have chosen to compare web push notification retargeting campaigns with one of the levers most used by e-merchants, namely SEM campaigns. Moreover, the Christmas period is always the period when Internet users buy the most, which leads to higher conversion rates than the other months.

Use Cases of Web Push Notification Remarketing

Web Push Notification - mobile slip French
Web Push Notification - desktop slip

The French Underwear

Ready to wear

Objective: Convert new customers in a short period of time

Results :

Sector average: 1.38%.

Source Wordstream 19/08/2019 - Average conversion data found on Google Ads.

1001 Tyres

Car / Motorcycle

Objective: To increase the conversion rate of site visitors at a high point of the year.

Results :

Sector average: 2.4%.

Source Wordstream 19/08/2019 - Average conversion data found on Google Ads.

Web Push Notification - mobile 1001 tyres
Web Push Notification - desktop 1001 tyres

Each month, find the sector analysis of the conversion rates of remarketing campaigns by Web Push Notifications.

Adrenalead - the Web Push Notifications customer activation marketing platform for e-Commerce and Retail - launches the 1st monthly barometer of conversions per sector of activity achieved thanks to Web Push Notifications.

The interest of Web Push Notification as a loyalty tool has strongly contributed to the adoption of this lever by e-merchants and e-retailers; do you know the potential that this new format offers as a tool for activating new customers through remarketing?

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