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Web push notification: A powerful marketing lever for e-Commerce and Retail

Activate a new customer engagement channel for your brand

A Cookieless solution to turn 15% of your visitors into subscribers to your brand

Web Push Notifications are an effective lever to recover a point of contact with your site visitors and retarget them in real time, directly on mobile or computer; without them necessarily being browsing the web.

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5 reasons to integrate Web Push Notification into your digital strategy

Web Push Notification: the format and how it works

Web Push Notification is a message from a website that is displayed directly on the user's computer or mobile. This window from the user's web browser is powered by the user's operating system.

The Web Push Notification appears as a clickable message consisting of :

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Web Push Notification: simple and powerful for brands

In order to receive web push notifications from a website, the Internet user must have previously authorised the website to send him web push notifications by giving his permission on a browser window that retrieves this consent as a trusted third party. The user can deactivate the notifications at any time if he/she wishes.

The site's web push notifications subscribers will be able to be contacted directly by the brand, without them necessarily being on the web. This is a real innovation for digital marketing that allows brands to capture their audience on-site and retarget them on-device.

The web push notification format is powerful because it is easy for the user to authorise.

Simply click to subscribe to a brand's web push notifications. The average opt-in rate is 15%, which is 15 times higher than the rate of subscription to a newsletter. The format does not require the collection of any personal data from users.

Web Push Notification becomes a real lever for :

On mobile: The notification is displayed directly on the lock screen or at the top of the home page when the phone is not in standby.

In other words, it appears in the same way as push notifications sent by mobile applications.

On a computer: The notification is displayed directly on the bottom right of your screen.

Installing a web push code on a website allows web push notifications to be sent directly to the user's web or mobile browser.

Web push notification allows users to receive messages from websites they like via their browser and maintain a strong link between your brand and your subscriber prospects.

Real-time communication, personalisation and immediacy are among the many benefits of web push notifications.

The advantages of Web Push Notification for e-Commerce

Web Push Notification is a message from a Web. It is a new marketing channel to keep a point of contact and increase the engagement rate of your visitors without needing to know their email address or to collect personal data. A simple click on "Allow" notifications allows you to share your marketing and transactional offers with your subscribers.

It is an ideal way to communicate with your audience in a non-intrusive way. Web Push Notification will allow you to keep your subscribers by sharing news, information, messages, announcements after their registration. It becomes very easy to re-engage users and get your subscribers to return to your site.

step 1
Belambra Web Push Notification Adrenalead Optin

1. The prospect only needs to give his consent by clicking: ''Subscribe to Web Push Notification''.

step 2
Belambra Web Push Notification Adrenalead Notification

2. Then the user receives a Web Push Notification on mobile, tablet or computer.

step 3
Belambra Web Push Notification Adrenalead redirection

3. The user decides whether or not to click on the notification and is directly redirected to the website.

What you should know about Web Push Notification

  1. With an average opt-in rate rate of 15%, Web Push Notification allows the brand to capitalise on its on-site audience and communicate with its on-device subscribers at a later date.

  2. The Web Push Notification retargeting solution is Cookieless. It allows to activate a new marketing lever that works without the use of cookies. A solution that is more than ever in the era of time, since by 2023, third-party cookies will be phased out.

  3. 100% RGPD ready, Web Push Notification is a solution that respects the privacy of Internet users since it requires the prior consent of the Internet user.

  4. Web Push Notification is not impacted by ad blockers. This allows the brand to communicate with a part of its visitors who were previously inaccessible to retargeting via programmatic advertising.

  5. The Web Push Notification preserves the brand's image and gives it full control over the marketing pressure of its remarketing campaigns.

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Customer Conquest by Web Push Notifications

Through its advertising network Notifadz, Adrenalead accompanies e-merchants in their digital strategy to win new customers thanks to its network of more than 40 million subscribers to Web Push Notifications. To know more about our solutions, ask for an online demo.