Web Push Notification

How it works and its marketing usefulness

A Cookieless solution to turn 15% of your visitors into subscribers to your brand

Recover a point of contact with your site visitors who subscribe to your to your web notifications and retarget them, in real time and directly on mobile or computer.

What is Web Push Notification?

Web Push Notification is a browser window sent by the operating system of the user's computer or mobile phone.

It does not require a broadcasting medium (site) and appears on the user's terminal in the form of a clickable message composed of images and links. This direct format between the brand and the web user allows communication with visitors to its site, even those who have installed an Adblocker, and requires the prior consent of the web user.

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Do you face any of these issues?

Anytime - Anywhere - Any Device

An Innovative Format

Send in the right information and offers at the right time.

140 characters to convince your target.

Your logo, an image, call to click buttons.

Communicate with all users, including those who have left your site.

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Web Push Notification in your digital strategy

The Notifadz advertising network

Brands, take advantage of our network of over 200 partners to expand your marketing operations to a qualified audience of web notification subscribers.

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Adrenalead for publishing and media

Activate an additional monetisation source without additional on-site location. You collect web push subscribers, we take care of generating additional revenue for you. Adrenalead is the only web push notifications platform connected to programmatic.