SEO checklist for writing B2B articles
that rank well in search engines

80 points tested by our teams to write the best articles optimized for SEO

Writing content that not only attracts and interests your target audience, but is also loved by Google’s algorithms, is exactly what our SEO checklist will help you achieve.

Optimize your content for maximum visibility and attract qualified leads to your website!

google sheet seo checklist

Download your SEO checklist and start optimizing your blog posts 👇

What you’ll find in this SEO checklist

This checklist is easy to use: at a glance, you can identify the optimization phase you’re at! Here’s what you’ll find in a nutshell:

🧐 Analysis and research

  • Precise targeting of keywords relevant to your audience
  • In-depth study of the competition to identify the best opportunities
  • Setting clear, measurable objectives for your articles

📈 Structure and content

  • Live testing of your titles and meta tags to maximize CTR
  • Clear, fluid structure for optimum user experience
  • Rich, engaging content to catch your readers’ attention

🎢 Technology and optimization

  • Optimizing images and videos for better referencing
  • Internal and external linking to reinforce your site’s structure
  • Optimum loading speed for smooth browsing

🚀 Tracking and performance

  • Analyze article performance to identify areas for improvement
  • Track conversions and consequently optimize your SEO strategy
  • Check rich snippets and structured data

To go further with this SEO checklist

This checklist, specially designed for web copywriters, community managers, SEO content managers, marketing managers and anyone with a blog/website, aims to simplify the optimization of your site. Our SEO experts created it to make our work easier, and we thought it essential to share it for free.
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