Notifadz: the plugin that (really) monetizes your audience

The Notifadz monetization plugin is a pillar for publishers, offering a robust platform to engage and monetize their audience through Web Push Notifications. The Notifadz WordPress plugin installs in a few clicks, unlocking the potential to generate additional revenue while enriching the user experience.

A reminder of how Notifadz works

Notifadz is an intuitive platform that allows you to create and send customized web push notifications to your customers, directly on their computer or mobile, even if they’re not browsing your website.

✨A simple and efficient process:

  1. Create your account and define your audience based on specific criteria (pages visited, location, etc.).
  2. Write engaging notifications with text, images, and call-to-action buttons to encourage purchases, visits to your site, or subscriptions to your newsletter.
  3. Schedule the sending of your notifications based on your goals and the behavior of your audiences.
  4. Analyze the results and optimize your campaigns to maximize the impact and conversion.

User engagement and loyalty

The core of Notifadz lies in its ability to transform audience engagement. By establishing direct communication with your community, the plugin promotes increased loyalty. You have full control over the content of the notifications, ensuring that each message resonates with your subscribers.

  • Message customization: adapt the tone and the content of the notifications to reflect your brand’s identity.
  • Audience segmentation: specifically target audience segments to increase the relevance of the notifications.
  • User behavior analysis: use engagement data to refine your notification strategies and maximize loyalty.
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Generating additional revenue

Notifadz revolutionizes traditional methods by offering a dedicated advertising network. This innovative approach allows publishers to benefit from additional revenue without sacrificing existing editorial space on their site, breaking away from traditional banner advertising models.

Monetization strategies with Notifadz

  • Selling your paid content: alternate between editorial content and promotional content in your Web Push Notifications to keep your audience engaged.
  • Premium content and exclusive offers: promote exclusive content or special offers to encourage conversions.
  • Ads distribution from our partner advertisers: by agreeing to receive your notifications and those of your partners, your internet users join our advertising network and will be directly monetized by Adrenalead.

Focus on the Notifadz monetization plugin

Simplified activation and installation

As soon as the Notifadz plugin is added to your WordPress site, the activation process begins. It guides users through simple steps for collecting and sending Web Push Notifications. Creating a Notifadz account marks the start of a journey into audience monetization, with an intuitive interface ready to be customized according to your specific needs.

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Getting started with Notifadz

✅ Installation: Go to the WordPress plugin store, search for Notifadz, and install it.
✅ Activation: Create a Notifadz account directly in your WordPress dashboard to activate the service.
✅ Configuration: Follow an interactive guide to set up your first Web Push Notifications.

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Customizing the collection template

The plugin offers two adjustable collection templates for desktop and mobile. The message and visual can be adjusted to align with your visual identity, thus enhancing the impact of your opt-in box.

Technical configuration and optimization

Notifadz simplifies the technical setup required for web push notifications. The integration of a serviceworker.js and the automatic management of the ads.txt file ensure an effortless implementation and compliance with web standards. The Notifadz dashboard then provides detailed performance analytics, allowing for continuous optimization of your push campaigns to maximize both user engagement and revenue.

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Turning every article into an opportunity

Notifadz enriches your content strategy by enabling automatic sending of your articles as Web Push Notifications upon their publication. This feature ensures that your most recent content directly reaches your subscribers, thereby increasing traffic to your site and engaging your audience.

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  • Configuration of Sending: Activate automatic sending, so your articles are broadcast as notifications as soon as they’re published.
  • Image Selection: Choose a featured image to accompany your notification, enhancing visual appeal.
  • Custom Content: Use an extract from your article as the content of the notification for increased customization.

This integration ensures that your content efforts are maximized, adding value to your user engagement strategy.


Notifadz represents a comprehensive solution for audience monetization, user engagement, and customization of web interactions. Its ease of installation, combined with a complete suite of optimization tools, makes it the ideal tool for publishers looking for innovative ways to generate additional revenue while enriching the user experience. Through its WordPress plugin specially designed for publishers, it offers rapid integration and ease of use of Web Push Notification on a daily basis.

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FAQ about Notifadz monetization plugin

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